November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015


Happy Thanksgiving! 
I hope all your hearts and 
bellies are full of love and yummy food. 

We are so thankful for our American friends here in Germany, they invited us over for dinner and we had so much fun. 

We literally had a feast!! A feast for ten adults and 7 children. It was delicious. I made a turkey and two pear pies. So we could have lots of leftovers. 
In the photo below  was the dessert and appetizer side of the kitchen so you can imagine how packed the either side was.
Vida loved the cheese and crackers lol  


We played lots of games, enjoyed some wine and laughed way too much. 
It was an awesome Thanksgiving in Germany with our American friends. 

November 15, 2015

Trip to Rüdesheim


Recapping our trip to Rüdesheim this last summer. 

Rüdesheim is a quaint wine making town here in Germany. We took the 25 minute train ride from Wiesbaden with a tour put together by the base. 
Rüdesheim is also part of the UNESCO world heritage site. 

We took the gondola up to the very top of the hill. We decided to do the "Ring Tour" which included, the gondola ride up, ski lift ride down and the boat ride back for €14 per person 
About to board the gondola, it doesn't stop,  you literally have to jump in. Strollers don't need to be folded, the attendee the places it inside an empty gondola for you and it will meet you at the top. 

She was so upset I woke her up early for this trip 
That face!!

That view was beautiful. 

          We arrived to the very top and 
       enjoyed the view of the Rhine from this temple. 

Walking up to the The Niederwalddenkmal monument. It was was built in the 1870s and made into a memorial to honor the Unification of Germany. 

 Germania at the top, holds the recovered crown of the emperor in the right hand and in the left the imperial Sword. I heard a German say Germania faces in the direction of France. 

After seeing the temple and monument,we continued our "ring tour" and walked through the forest.  It was nice and shady and helped us cool off from the hot sun 

At the end of the forest there was pretty resturaunt with outdoor seating under these gorgeous maple trees. We ordered typical German food and enjoyed the nice breeze. 

Next to the resturaunt is a Wildpark with deer you could feed. You can find the deer feed vending machines right next to the fence. 
                     She loves animals 

After lunch and visiting the animals, it was time to take the ski lift down over the vineyards. 
I was so nervous because the  ski lift is super high and I don't like heights. 

I folded up my stroller and the attendant secured it to an empty seat. 

We sat down and off we went. 
I asked the attendant if anyone had ever fallen off or if the ride itself had ever had something happen to it. He looks at me and says, 
"no never, but you could be the first" I felt like my stomach was going to fall out of my butt 
when he said that. 
               Germans and their sense of humor. 

 Vida sat in my lap while we rode the ski lift down and she was calm the whole way too. 
She had a lot of fun

Going over the vineyards. 

We arrived at the bottom and made a bee line to the closet gelato stand while we waited for the boat to arrive to complete our tour and take us back to the train station 


If you have a great seat, Vida will be your best friend. 

We got off the one hour boat ride and headed back to the train station.
 I had to take pictures of these gorgeous mermaids outside this restaurant. 

Since this town is very touristy it is open on Sunday's, which is a big deal since almost everything is closed on Sunday's  

Be sure to visit Bingen and Rüdesheim when you are in town. I heard  it's so beautiful for Christmas too. 

We had so much fun on this day trip, we walked over 3,000 steps that day and you better believe when we got home we had an early dinner, a cold shower & bath and we were in bed by 8pm and didn't wake up until 2pm the next day. The day wore us out. 
Be sure to check back here to see photos of the Christmas Market in Rudeshiem, it opens on Nov,26th 
 I cannot wait for the Christmas Markets to start!! 

Thanks for stopping by. 

November 12, 2015

Biberbau Park and Garden

This morning we had a burst of sunshine come spilling into the windows at 7am. I was so happy to see the sun after a few long weeks of cloudy and overcast days. 
I decided to wake Vida up a little early and head to this cute little park a friend recommended to me. This park is a little under ten mins away from the  Hainerberg Base. So not far at all. 

It's called Biberbau which is beaver but I don't know what bau means and I forgot to ask. 
It's an outdoor playground, garden and mini petting zoo. 

We got to see pigs, chickens, bunnies, guinea pigs and ducks. 

Vida had so much fun exploring the grounds 

She played non stop 
We packed a some food and had a picnic there. The garden also has a cafe with food and coffee 

We didn't get to plant anything but we walked around and checked out this cute greenhouse. 

This park is free to enter you are asked to pay a donation at the box right in front of the doors you come through. There is no available parking but there is a lot of street parking in the little town and the park is not hard to find. Follow the cute beaver signs. 

Sadly, the park has received little to no funding this year and are in risk of closing. Please donate as much as you can, as this park thrives on donations from the public. 
Your children will love it. 
I'm already thinking of doing Vida's 4th birthday here. 

Here is there link in German 

Thanks for stopping by. 
-Acsa and Vida 

Hochheimer Festival 2015


This last weekend was the Hochheimer Festival. 
We heard great things about it and decided to check it out. Weskipped Saturday thinking it would be busier than Sunday, turns out it was still just as crazy. It was so hard to navigate the stroller through the crowds but we somehow managed. I really wish this child would let us use a carrier but she loves her stroller so much. 

We rode a few kiddie rides with Vida and went on the Ferris Wheel. Geez, that was so high I actually felt nervous at the top. 

Someone didn't want her photo taken. 

                  View from the top 

The horse lover got to enjoy a pony ride at the festival 

We stuffed our faces with bratwurst, French fries, Nutella crepes and the most delicious cotton candy I have ever had. 

  She shared with everyone in our group. She's a giver. ;) 

This festival is one of the biggest ones in Germany and attracts over 600,000 people from all over the world. It's five days long and has been around for over 600 years. Germans know how to party.


Saint Martin//Veterans Day & Remembrance Day


November, 11was Saint Martin's Day here in Germany. We made a little lantern at home out of a plastic water bottle, black paper and starfish shaped hold punches. 
Saint Martin was a Roman soldier who later was baptized and became a monk, he was known to be a sweet and kind man who helped the poor. 
We walked through our town and a man dressed at Saint Martin on horseback led the procession. 
Children had lanterns they made in school and parents joined in as well. The whole street was illuminated. When we arrived to the center of the city there was a huge bonfire and we all ate delicious "Martinshörnchen" a pastry shaped in the form of a croissant, which symbolizes the hooves of St. Martin's horse. Nobody could tell me why the children had lanterns but some said that the lanterns symbolize the light that holiness brings to the darkness, just as St. Martin brought hope to the poor with his kind heart.
I'm so happy we get to participate in fun events such s this with our new friends here in Germany. 

We also wore our poppies to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in Canada, USA and in the UK. 
We also thanked our Veterans and our very special veteran, our hero, husband and father. Thank you for serving and protecting our country. 

November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

     Happy Halloween from the 
Fairy Godmother and Cinderella.
We had an extra clingy and grouchy Princess this year. After about an hour she finally warmed up and grabbed handfuls of candy from the bowls. 

When someone handed her a piece of candy, she would look at them, at their bowl and back at them and point at the bowl and say "mas" which is more in Spanish. She couldn't understand why they were only giving out one piece. 
Little piggy 

Meltdown in 1,2,3... 

I really wanted to buy the actual fairy godmother costume but at $79, I couldn't bring myself to buy it. 
Instead, I went to the local thrift store and bought a used ball gown. 
I had my friend make the dress into a skirt and since it was so cold out, I had to wear a long sleeve shirt instead of the bodice and my friend made a collar for me to wear and it actually kept me a bit warm too. 
I curled my hair but the curls  didn't last long in the wet, foggy weather.
 I also added rhinestones in my hair which were my favorite. I already had the sparkly shoes and I bought Vida some cute white sparkly shoes from H&M for €7 which was a steal. She can wear them again for Christmas. 

We saw Shrek!!
 In this photo she's saying "stop it Shreky"! Lol 

A lot of Germans came on the base to celebrate Halloween with everyone. It was so cute to hear the kids say "Trick or Treat" the little ones were so cute with their accents. I'm so happy we can share this part of American culture with them the German kids love it. 

She was scared of him but that didn't stop her from taking his candy lol 

Fairy Godmother: Now off you go, for you shall go to the ball!! 

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!!