January 8, 2015

Beef Soup || Sopa de Res


My favorite soup of all time. I remember my mom making this on the weekends and it was the highlight of my life! I was so freakin' happy, like I won a backstage pass to see the Backstreet Boys, happy. 
Now, I get to share it with my baby girl, who LOVES it too. 
Thank you to my mom for sharing her recipe. 

*Remember to always cook with your loved ones in mind, it makes the food taste so much better. :) 

This soup is served with warm rice, tortillas on the side and lime juice squeezed on top. It will cure a nasty cold and since it is also a bone broth, it's good for your gut! :)

Oxtail (grass-fed if possible)
Eye round roast or shank (grass-fed if possible) 
Garlic cloves 
Brussels Sprouts 
Corn on the cob (optional) 
Beef consume or beef bouillon cubes about 3 

In a large pot boil the oxtail with 3 garlic cloves, diced onions, handful parsley and cilantro and chopped celery. Make sure the water is covering the oxtail. Boil For one hour. 

Add the cut up roast or shank into medium sized pieces, with the beef cubes and a pinch of salt. Add more water boil for another hour. Or until the meat is no longer pink. 

Add all your veggies and boil until they are done. About 20-30 mins 

Serve piping hot over a little bit of rice, squirt some lime juice on top and enjoy!

If the food lacks flavor, add another beef cube or two. :)

Let me know if you make some in the comments below, I would love to know. :)

           My big girl enjoying her soup 

December 31, 2014

Happy New Year's Eve

   We spent the morning at the library celebrating, Noon Year's Eve with our friends. 
They had arts and craft, music, a countdown,snacks and punch to celebrate. 

They even had a cute balloon drop right at 12!! The kids loved it so much. 

I can't believe how fast this year went by. 
Some highlights from 2014,

-We celebrated our second Christmas as parents 

-My husband got out of the Marine Corps

-We moved from Miami to Georgia for his new job 

-I met some new friends in the area 

-And we celebrated Vida's 1st birthday.
 I sometimes can't believe I'm a mom. 

My goals for the new year are:

-to be more active. I need to do more physical activity. Wouldn't mind losing 10 pounds just in time for the summer 

-I started brainstorming for a children's book I want to write. This year I'm going to get at least a rough draft done. I'm ready to get this ball rolling. 

- my last goal is to spend more time off my phone and implementing more Montessori activities with Vida everyday. 

     My inspiration for my children's book. 

         A little memory from last year. 

Happy New Year, have a beautiful 2015!!

December 29, 2014

Our Christmas 2014

 Merry Christmas!!!
Can't believe Christmas is over, it is so bittersweet.
This year, Christmas was a lot of fun. Vida was definitely more into opening presents, and it was so fun seeing her rip open the paper (which she picked out, puppies of course) and saying "wow" over and over again to every present she opened. 
We had to turn Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas off to open presents, obviously he was far more fun than opening presents.

 She loved this German Shepard.
 Reading the instructions on her new Ariel doll
This gift was her favorite...
 It was a Carl book, by Alexandra Day. I have been collecting them and starting her own board book collection. She saw the cover and immediately looked over at her dad and said "WOW"
even though I was the one who bought it lol
 WOW, thanks Dada!!
 She started turning the pages and pointing to Carl right then and there even though she had more gifts to open. She didn't care, she was going to read her new book.
 We ended up taking the book, and showing her the next big present. She started tearing the paper and was so excited when she saw the little Target Shopping cart. 
She tired to climb in it.
 Her Dada bought her new instruments to add to her music collection. 
She was so excited.
 She opened her next big gift and she said, wow again.
She looks so little on it. 

We had such a beautiful Christmas morning, well afternoon, Vida ended up waking up at noon and we were all starving by then, so we ate a late breakfast before opening presents. We had pancakes with red and green sprinkles, bacon,eggs and fluffy biscuits with jam.
 We opened presents, showered and we headed over to our friend's house to enjoy her delicious home cooked Mexican lunch and the kids played for a while.
We ended the night by putting Vida to bed early and we snuggled and watched Christmas movies until we couldn't keep our eyes open.

Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas.
Thanks for stopping by.

-Vida & Acsa

December 25, 2014

Princess Christmas Tree

 I just wanted to share Vida's Mini Disney Princess Christmas tree I put up in her room.
I didn't put it up in her room last year since she was so little, so this year, I decided too, and I added a little more Christmas decor in her bedroom. 
Since we are currently renting, I haven't hung much on the walls, I have a feeling we will be relocating to another state with my husband's job soon. So I decided not to drill too many holes in the walls.

 These cute princess ornaments were purchased at the Disney Store when I worked there for the Christmas season. I was able to get a huge discount on them and when you bought 2 you got 1 free!! It was such a good deal.

So here are just a few shots of the tree and her room...

 The Confetti garland I made for her 1st birthday, I decided to use it again on the tree
Princess Tiana is so beautiful

love their little tutus

Her stocking advent calendar

The most gorgeous mermaid stocking ever! You can get one HERE

Thanks for stopping by!! :)

December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve is finally here!!!
presents are wrapped, dinner is ready, Christmas books are ready to go, Pj's are laid out and Santa's organic cookies and coconut milk is out (sorry Santa, no cows milk here) and ready to go. We even made Jesus a birthday card. Vida scribbled and stuck on a million Frozen stickers on the inside. :)

She filled this Honest bag with bottles of sprinkles

Decorating cookies
                                                   Reading Ava some Christmas books

Can't wait for her to open her presents in the morning!

Merry Christmas Eve

December 19, 2014

Christmas Tree Farm | Christmas Fun

I am in love with Christmas Tree Farms in South Georgia. 
I can't believe I have missed this for most of my life.
The smells of the trees is amazing, driving up you can smell the fresh pine scent. 
I hosted a holiday picnic at the tree farm with my mommy group, I brought a sled and we did a mini photoshoot with our kids. The photos came out perfectly. 
You don't even know what we had to do to make sure the kids were all looking in the same direction, we were shaking keys, banging random stuff together, clapping and making weird sounds only a mother could make to get the perfect photo. 

We went to visit Santa, and it didn't go so well, she was terrified. 
When she sees him she says, Santaaaa in a very shaky voice like she's about to cry. 

We rode the train at the local zoo, and it took us around to see the Festival of  Lights. 
We enjoyed hot chocolate and s'mores after. 

         We all had a great time. 

We have learned to steal candy canes off the tree, and we are not too happy when the dog takes it from us...

He breaks off a piece and she then takes the other half. So gross. 

 We made Christmas crafts at the library with our friends. 
   I love how she loves to crafts, just like her mama. 

    We rode the mall train with our friends

We put together a sugar cookie decorating party with the mom group. 
It was such a huge hit for the moms and the kids. 

Our Extra Mini Christmas party with our Minis. 

We visited our local nursing home and handed out gifts to each resident. 
They were so happy to see the kids, itt really did brighten up their day. 

Vida and her friend Joe caught on quick on what to do. They would get a gift from the cart and hand it out. It was so wonderful to see them helping and giving, I was so proud of them.  

We got together with a few friends for a Gingerbread House decorating  play date 
Vida didn't help much, she just ate the toppings. 


We went to the Flint-river Aquarium for their annual Christmas Party. It was very cool to see the aquarium at nighttime since most of their tanks are outdoors they were all dark. 

I hosted a Cookie Swap/ and Ugly Sweater Party with my Mommy Group. It was so delicious and a lot of fun
The Nutella Hot Chocolate Bar
We had prizes for the cookies and for the most
ugliest sweater.
We all had a great time. Vida crashed the party, as you can see.

 Hope you are all having a beautiful December.
 This month has been crazy, but I love crazy. :) 
The countdown is on for Christmas!!!

Any last minute shoppers? Me!! :)