December 3, 2018

25 Christmas Books for Kids

Happy December!!!

I am so excited to start off this magical time of year. 

Let's jump right in, here is our 25 favorite Christmas/winter book list.

Click the link and it will take you right to the Amazon site. 
Sone books are  bit overpriced, but I wanted to add a link so you could see the covers of the books
As you will see, some of the books are new and others are my favorite classic Christmas books, I  grew up reading.

Happy Reading!
























These are our favorite books, all ready to go in my MobileVision Bamboo Storage Box.

What is your favorite Christmas book?

June 27, 2018

On our Way to: Colmar, France

Colmar, France is like a page out of a Fairy Tale. 
I didn't know this place existed until we moved to Germany. Everyone talked about this magical city and its famous outdoor carousel. 
I wanted to go in the winter and see the town covered in snow, but we decided to go to Paris instead that year. Looking back now, I think going to Colmar in the spring was perfect. 

Colamar is situated in the Northeastern region of France about a 3 hour drive  from Mainz, Germany. So totally doable for a day trip. 

When we arrived we parked in a parking garage called "Parking de la Mairie" it is in the center of the city and located underneath a grocery store, which was convenient to pick up snacks for the ride home after. It was about 2-3 euro per hour, which wasn't too bad.

When you take the elevator up, exit the supermarket on your right hand side and you'll see the trams parked outside for tours. If you have a stroller or bike the attendants will provide locks for you so you can leave your stroller next to a fence nearby. 
The cost for the train was 6 euro per person and the ride was 45 mins, you are given headphones and you listen to the guided tour.

We arrived at 11am and skipped the trams because it was so busy. 
Instead we made a bee line to "la Petite Venise" canal to do the boat tour. I highly recommend you do this ride before 3pm. We arrived and there was no line right at 12pm. The ride is 6 euro per person and lasts about 30 mins. It is such a beautiful and relaxing ride, you don't want to skip this.

We had lunch at  an outdoor cafe, I ordered a chicken Cesar salad and a famous stew known as "Baeckeoffe"  in the Alsace region, its a classic stew made with beef, carrots,mutton, pork, onions and juniper berries and other herbs and spices.
 The word Baeckeoffe translates to "bakers oven" and is served in a large ceramic pot. It is so delicious, with warm bread and butter, I mean real french butter, it was the best meal I had that day. This stew would be perfect to eat during the winter, while it snows outside!!

We bought a lot of pastries, gelato and macarons throughout the day because they are everywhere and with all that walking you need fuel to keep going. :)

I wish I could have stopped by every cafe there and ate all the delicious food and sipped a cappuccino or two, while people watching-maybe next time :)

this place has the best macarons

chocolate storks

my reason for breathing lol

I read that Disney was inspired by this town when creating Beauty and the Beast. I mean, can you not picture Belle reading here 

Beauty and the Beast vibes

She pulled out a loose tooth at this very spot. She was so excited

always getting free samples, and I loved hearing her say "merci'

the colors!!! so dreamy

Sadly, the outdoor carousel was closed due to refurbishing, but we did get a ride in the indoor one. 
This carousel, splash pad and park is located at "Champs de Mars Park'

This trip to Colmar was amazing. I hope to come back soon and explore more of this gorgeous city and to buy more macarons, of course.
I hope you put Colmar on your travel bucket list soon.