January 16, 2016

"I Mix"

Vida loves to mix. It could be water and soap, as long as she can use her Mickey whisk she's happy. 

Some afternoons she'll ask me if she can mix and it's so adorable. We love making muffins, banana bread and cookies. 

Today we decided to try out this receipe for Dutch Babies or German Oven Pancake. 

I did let her mix the ingredients in the bowl so she could help and once we were done pouring I quickly put it in my
blender and then poured it into the hot buttered pan. 

         She could do this everyday. 

Going through Tiana's cookbook while we wait for the Dutch baby to bake. She's already on the next receipe. :)

Here is our Dutch Baby warm and fresh out of the oven. You can top it with powdered sugar, jam or fresh lemon juice. 

It puffed up really nicely but sadly it got burnt. My German oven is really tiny and before I knew it, the pancake was hitting the top of the oven. Oops! 
so I took off the burnt parts and it still tasted really good and some parts were still fluffy. 

She couldn't wait to try it!!

Thanks for stopping by. 

January 9, 2016

Lifestyle Shoot:Family Christmas Card Photo

This year we decided to do a lifestyle shoot for our family Christmas photos. Because let's face it, a two year old does not sit still long enough for a photo shoot.
This worked out better for Vida and we were able to enjoy the Wiesbaden Christmas Market while our photographer snapped some photos of us.


We decided to spend Christmas day in Paris. 
We packed up early and made the 5 hour drive to Paris with my family.

Paris is breathtaking!!

We spent 4 beautiful days enjoying everything French and eating way too many pastries.
Cannot wait to go again soon.

Together In Paris

January 2, 2016

Mommy and Me Book Club: Jan Brett

            "The Mitten" sugar cookies 

Earlier this month I hosted "Mommy & Me Book Club" at my house with my mommy group. 
The author of the month was Jan Brett. My favorite author of all time. I remember moving to Canada and not knowing a word of English but I would read her books and getting lost in the pictures.
Now, I have her books to share with my girl. 

I set up a dessert table for the kids to go with the hot chocolate bar. 

I used her books for decor 

        Little mittens on cream puffs.  

   We used mittens to paint. The girls had so much fun dipping their mittens into the paint and placing them on the paper. 

We went up to the cozy attic and read books with the kids and had a delicious lunch after to end the day. 

Can't wait for this month's mommy and me book club. :)