August 10, 2015

Homemade Nutella


You will need: 
1 cup hazelnuts (with or without shells) if you can find without,even better. 
3 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder
1tbs vanilla extract 
Pinch of salt 
1& 1/2 cups of sugar 
1/4 cup of coconut oil 

(My mini sous chef who refuses to wear pants) 

-Roast hazelnuts on a pan for ten minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. (375 F)
If you have unshelled hazelnuts skip the roasting part. 

To remove the skin off the hazelnuts, place them on a dry hand towel and wrapped it up like a burrito, and rub vigorously for a few minutes. You'll see the shell will start to flake off.
Repeat until all done, make sure to remove all the shell or you'll have a bitter tasting Nutella. 

Once you are done, pour the hazelnuts into a food processor with a tiny bit of coconut oil to help it along as it blends until smooth. 

Add the rest of theingredients and blend until well incorporated and you're done!!
If it isn't sweet enough, add more sugar :)

Store in a mason jar and enjoy! 

    Can't wait to spread this on toast!! 

July 17, 2015

A Toddler in Germany

We have had a lot of fun in Germany this summer. 
The weather has been perfect and we have been visiting different places almost every weekend. Here are a few of my "sweet spots" which for me is a place where my kid can be a kid, and surprisingly, Germany is very kid and family friendly. 

We love going to old town Mainz. 
We visit the Dom Cathedral and Vida loves to chase and feed the pigeons. 
There are plenty of restaurants and cafes, you won't know where to go first.

This mini sand play area is located right outside the Hyatt in Mainz. 
It overlooks the beautiful Rhine. 

     We had lunch in the castle courtyard that is connected to the Hyatt hotel in Mainz.
 This is gated so she can't escape. When we stayed in the hotel, I would bring a blanket and toys and we would have a little picnic outside. 

Delicious doner for two please. 
This one is located in Mainz, it's called 'Doner' make sure to order "pommes" that's German for French fries :) 

Outdoor Aviary at the Rosengarten park in Mainz. 

Volkspark Splash Park in Mainz 
We didn't know this was here, so we didn't come prepared. 
We came back the next day with a bathing suit and water shoes. The rocks get really slippery. There are a few playgrounds, walking trails and on the weekend a little train for kids that goes around the whole park. 

About to enter a 3 level toy store called  "kinder Laden" 
we spent two hours in here, bought one toy and no tears. 

       A mini Bugaboo. 

Dinner date with Daddy at a fancy Italian  restaurant. 
I was nervous my husband had picked such a fancy place but I was so happy to see other children inside. We didn't stay long, get the check,and go!

We had breakfast and a play date at a kid friendly cafe 
called 'Lonneberga' in Mainz. 

They have toys, books and a coloring area for the kids. 
You can order coffee, sandwiches, salads or delicious waffles with ice cream. 
 This place is kid friendly, but you can go if you don't have kids. 
They have a cute seating area outside.
 Weekday mornings seem to be their busiest times. 

If you are a fan of Pippi Longstockings, you know 
that Lonneberga is where the author, Astrid Lindgren is from. 

We love this Lego section inside Mueller in Mainz on rainy days. 

We went to downtown Wiesbaden to visit the largest Cuckoo clock in the world.

We took a bus and ferry ride to a little beach called Rettbergsaue. 
You can only arrive and depart off a ferry or boat so I thought that was pretty neat.  
Sadly, my girl is not a fan of sand. She did get to swim eventually but not for long.
The beach has a cafe that serves your typical German style food, burgers, fries, bratwurst Etc. they have coffee and ice cream too. 

We took a day trip to a place called "Ponyland" in Rudesheim about 30 minutes outside Wiesbaden, this place is magical. 
We took a pony and walked on a trail that went around the ranch, we had lunch outside the little restaurant that is a little house. There are chickens and cats running around and it's just so quaint and charming.
 The pony ride is €8 and they also have wagon rides and horses for older kids or adults. 
They also have Helicopter rides. Which is pretty cool. 

Taking her off that horse was terrible. She didn't understand why she couldn't stay on it the whole time. My girl, she loves ponies. 
So glad they had a little area with mechanical rides, she was still pretty upset but the fake horse helped her calm down. 

Thank you for following along with us. 
We are headed to 3 different pools next week and can't wait to show you all the pictures of these amazing mini water parks. Germans definitely have the cleanest and largest pools I have ever seen. Stay tuned. :) 

-Acsa & Vida 

July 14, 2015

Happy 4th of July

We were able to celebrate July 4th here in beautiful Germany. I made Vida a cute little breakfast and we spent the day at the German and American Friendship Fest on base. We ended the day with delicious food and fireworks. 

          My little seahorse baby 

July 1, 2015

First Trip to the Beach

 First trip to the beach.
Clearwater Beach

 The best $5 I have ever spent at WDW 

 She picked some seashells and was so happy about it. 
She's definitely a mermaid

Her Cinderella's sand castle.
Can't wait to take her to some beautiful European Beaches soon

June 19, 2015

First Haircut at Disney World

Can't believe I forgot to post about V's first haircut. 
We decided to have her first hair cut at Disneyworld, I really thought it was going to cost more than I had thought. 
But for $20 and a cute Mickey ear hat it was totally worth it. 

The cast member who cut her hair was the sweetest lady. 
Literally, giving Vida stickers, toys and blowing bubbles for her 
because Vida was a little scared. 
Vida hates when strangers touch her or talk to her. The lady was trying to brush out her new freshly cut bangs and Vida had her little hand up in protest. 

No touchy, no touchy -Emperor Kuzco 

She cut her hair in less than 3 mins. Home girl wasn't liking it. 
But I'm thankful for a quick cut so we wouldn't have to 
hear the high pitch scream. 
   All the stickers the hairdresser gave her. 

The best shot I got with her Mickey ears. 
They gave her a cute certificate, these ears and her hair wrapped in a cute little bag with confetti. They can also add Pixie Dust to
their hair (glitter gel) something we will do when she's older. 

   Bangs suit her. Thank you Disney World for a magical day. 
A day we won't soon forget. 

June 12, 2015

USA to life in Germany

 We have moved from Georgia to Germany and we are so excited to
 start our new life here. 
It is definitely going to be an amazing adventure.
 Vida did awesome on the 8 hour and 40 min flight. I was so nervous and was going to be the crazy kid who screamed and kick the whole way, but she didn't cry at all. Also, our seats had tv's and and was entertained with all the Disney movies they had. 
 Bringing her carseat on the flight was the best thing I did, it kept her seated and not trying to escape into the aisles and and skept much better too. 

We have flown with her before but it was always less than a 3 hour flight and she just slept the whole way in my lap. 

We had our dogs in cargo underneath us on the plane and they barked a few times when we took off and my heart broke into pieces,
I know they had to be a little scared.
We all made it safely, thank God and everyone is happy to be on land! 

We landed at 6am and our military sponser picked us up and the dog service dropped the dogs off after they had been checked, walked and fed. We forced ourselves to stay awake for at least 6-8 hours so we had breakfast at the hotel and walked around outside. That was tough,
 all we wanted to do was sleep.

Our gorgeous view of the Rhine at the Hyatt Mainz

Fort Malakoff  that is attached to the hotel

I will be sharing more photos of our adventures here in Germany. 
You can follow me on Instagram @acsaharper and check out my #toddleringermany.
Vida is enjoying every moment here and so are we.

May 30, 2015

Our New Home

      We have been transferred to Wiesbaden, Germany for my husband's job. 
We should be here 3-5 years. 

We recently found a home and we move out of the Hyatt tomorrow!
 I'm so excited!
 We saw 8 homes and it was tough to choose one, they all had a little something we liked but we chose this one for its large modern kitchen, and cute loft. 

Here are a few photos of the inside, I will try to add another post of the other homes we saw because they were so pretty. 
This is a 5 bedroom, 4 level, 4 bathroom home in the countryside. 
Upgraded kitchen and American sized washer and dryer whoop whoop!  

Living room 
Dining area 
      View of the vineyards from the master 
The cutest loft, this will be vida's 2nd playroom. I know, spoiled lol 
The yard is very tiny but we live right across from walking and bike trails so the dogs can run free :) 
Beautiful Roses bushes.