June 13, 2018

Vida's Rapunzel Party

My sweet girl turned 5, how is that even possible?

This year Vida asked for a Rapunzel Art Party. I kept it as simple as I could, because of the move back to the USA, the less stress the better.

I catered Mexican rice, Pico de Gallo, and a large garden salad. 
My husband grilled Vida's favorite, bratwursts and we served it with pommes (french fries) on the side with lots and lots of ketchup. Well, that’s how she ate hers lol. 

For the decor; I  borrowed a flower garland from a friend, and used it on the cake table. 
 I printed out  "birthdays are kind of an annual thing"quote  and framed it with some confetti paper. 
My friend made me sun shaped confetti and sun tags for the favor bags. 
She also made me this adorable lantern, you can find the template  Here

for dessert, I ordered purple cupcakes, and wafer cookies decorated like Rapunzel's braid.

Vida's dress matched the party theme perfectly. Truly Handmade Everything had the perfect purple flower fabric. This dress has some amazing twirl to it.
It is the perfect party dress.

I was going to cut some fresh tulips from the field by our house, but the day before the party, they were plowed away and I was so upset. 
Thankfully, the fake flower garland was enough.

her BOWS

It was too bright, but inside was a flame-less candle with different settings and colors. 

My favorite part of a party; party favors!
 Inside the bags were; Crayola Water Colors, paintbrushes and sidewalk chalk. 

her dress

This cake was delicious. 
Top layer chocolate with chocolate mousse filling and the bottom, vanilla cake with strawberry filling. 

Little Rapunzel painting figurine

these little wafer cookies with the famous braid were a huge hit!

whipped cream cupcakes!!

Musical chairs

the best little brother

we played a game with "Rapunzel's hair"

Frying pans. Who knew, right? :) The kids had fun using the frying to hit the Pinata

he earned this! Waited so patiently for it too.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Live everyday as if it were your birthday :)
we love you so much.

March 15, 2018

On Our Way To: Keukenhof, Netherlands

 Our trip to see the tulips in Keukenhof was like a real life fairy tale.
I didn't know this place existed until we moved to Germany. When I saw photos of people who had gone, I knew I had to go with my family.

From Mainz, it is about a 4.5 hour drive, very doable if you wanted to go for the day which is what we did and then we went to visit friends who also live in Holland. 

We went last April, and I am now just posting photos and a blog post. My laptop crashed and I had uploaded all my photos on it and deleted them off my camera and now I was stuck, and had no way to get the photos off the laptop. I decided to plug it in and it worked!! So here are a few photos of our trip and little tidbits of advice, so your trip can be a great one. 

Be sure to follow Keukenhof Facebook page for updates,giveaways and photos.

What is Keukenhof? It translates to "Kitchen Garden" it is also known as the garden of Europe, located in Lisse, Netherlands
They are only open from Mid March to Mid April. I read that  over 7 million bulbs are planted by hand each year. 
You can see more on their facebook page.

When you enter Keukenhof, it reminds me like we were entering a theme park. It is a long wait to get in, so stop to stretch legs and get snacks before going in, there is a Mcdonald's before the park. Go! even if its just for a few minutes, to use the bathroom and get food. 

Once you pass the roundabouts to get inside, a parking attendant will 
direct you where to park.
Take everything with you, depending on where you parked it could be a long walk. Strollers, coolers and blankets are permitted in the park. When we went it was so cold!! So our 15 min walk to the entrance was brutal with two kids who hate being cold. 

Once you get to the entrance, you will pay at the ticket window for each person and for your parking ticket, don't lose it, you will need it when exiting the park parking lot. 
prices in euro
adult price online-€ 17 
adult ticket office-€18
children ages 0-3- free
children ages 4-17 €8
car parking €6

When you walk in, the smell of tulips will hit you right in the face and you will instantly feel so happy, at least I did. Me and Vida stood there and just smelled the tulips for a good 15 mins. That's the photo I got of her above. She was breathing it in! 

We did a quick bee line for the petting zoo, which is right in the middle of the park. Its free and have your camera ready for cute photos.

I was so thankful they had indoor exhibits.  When we went it was freezing and it was a nice place to stay warm. They even had a kids play corner in the cafeteria. I was hoping it would warm up by noon but it didn't so we spent most of the day inside checking out the flower exhibits. 

They sell food inside the exhibit and throughout the park and they have a covered cafe to stay warm, we got some wraps and french fries for lunch and ate inside to stay warm. 
I want to go again when it's warmer out  and enjoy a picnic lunch on the grass between all the beautiful flowers and at the playground for my kids to play and enjoy the scenery. 
We did pack some snacks but we stopped for cappuccinos and pastries before leaving. So delicious in any country. 

of course she had to do this

 We went to see Miffy and drop our life savings at her shop!!

 Keukenhof  is super kid friendly, they have a few playgrounds throughout and kids are running around through the fields and having the best time.

 You can go inside the windmill and catch this awesome view of the tulip fields. It’s so stunning. 

 This boat is called a Whisper Boat. It takes you around the dutch flower landscape. You sit in this boat and relax for 45 mins in virtual silence, hence the name. Buy your tickets at the windmill. No wheelchairs or strollers permitted in the boat. Kids welcome!

children 4-11-€ 4
children 0-3- free

I didn't want this trip to come to an end, it was so amazing to experience this amazing tulip with my family. Next time I want to take a bike ride trough the fields and have that picnic lunch in warmer weather.
 Don't forget to grab a souvenir on your way out. These tulips are wooden, they look so real and make the best gifts.  
We got a few to give to friends. 
 Until next time, Keukenhof! Vaarwel!! 
Will you go someday? or have you been to Keukenhof before? let me know below in the comments. :)