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Easter Gift Guide

Good morning friends, Easter is right around the corner and I have put together some cute things I will be adding to the kids Easter baskets this year. 
1)Crayola Multi Color Chalk For $3.19 a box, I am adding a ton of these to the kids baskets. I love that the chalk is anti-roll; it is square in design so it won't go rolling down driveways. Crayola has developed a washable formula that washes chalk away with water.
2)Wooden Rainbow I love these wooden rainbow nesting arches. I love this puzzle because of its open-endedness to play with it, there is no right or wrong way to use it. Your child can play, build and create amazing things with this colorful puzzle.
3)"Listen and Learn" Books This is how they work, Your child slides a card on different topics such as, food, animals,transportation, etc, into the last page of the book's special frame, press the "go' button and your child presses the pictures and the book reads the word aloud to them. There are 128 Spanish w…

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