November 14, 2014

Cotton Fields Forever

we have so many cotton fields by our house where we live and ever since the cotton started to bloom I told myself I would do a little photo shoot there.
The cotton looks soft in photos but the the little bushes they grow from are very prickly and itchy, so this shoot didn't last too long, but I was able to get some beautiful photos of my girl in the cotton field. She loved picking the cotton off the tree and rubbing it against her face.
It really was soft, I ended up doing it too and it felt so nice. :)
I'm so happy we get to enjoy this now that we live in beautiful Georgia.

There are a few sights more pleasant to the eye than a wide cotton field when it is in bloom. It presents an appearance of purity, like an immaculate expanse of light, new-fallen snow.
-solomon Northup  

November 5, 2014

Mommy & Me Photoshoot

 Last month I scheduled a Mini Mommy and Me photo session with 
Erin-Glausier-Photography  here in Georgia in the early morning at a beautiful orchard by our home. Look at those gorgeous sunbeams, sunrise shoots are my favorite.
I decided to have her take a few breastfeeding photos as well so
 I could treasure those memories forever. Vida didn't cooperate as well, I kind of wished I had taken these when she was much younger. 
She's so nosy now when she breastfeeds, she needs to know exactly what is going on. 
Just like her Mama! :)

I never thought I was going to make it this far and still be breastfeeding my daughter. 
It was tough at first, I felt like I was doing everything wrong. You can read my breastfeeding tips here, If it wasn't for my wonderful husband, mom and friends giving me so much support I am sure I would have given up, they motivated me to keep going,
I knew I had to keep going, not just for me, but for Vida.
So here we are celebrating 17 months and not stopping anytime soon.
 Cheers to my breastfeeding and formula feeding moms. 
You are all doing an awesome job!! 

A baby nursing at a mother's breast... is an undeniable affirmation of our rooted-ness in nature. ~David Suzuki

Breastfeeding is nature's health plan. ~Author Unknown

I love breastfeeding

-Vida & Acsa

November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween from my little White Swan

We spent our Halloween morning painting pumpkins in the kitchen. 
We waited for Daddy to come home in the evening and we were off to go Trick Or Treating in our community. 

The Black & White Swan

Minnie and the puppy
Of course our kids would ignore the candy and look in the window to see the dogs
Big girl on her way to the next house 
I love this photo so much.
get it girl....
Get me an extra large bag, good sir
Trick or Treating with friends
was so much  fun.
the whole gang
Vida trying to do her "Arabesque" ballerina move

Hope you all had a good time Trick or Treating, we did and now we have candy to eat or get rid of fast!

I leave you with a photo from last year.
 I was Pochontas and Vida was Meeko. 
My little 6 month old squishy baby  

-Vida & Acsa

Canada Trip

We took a 9 day trip to Ontario, Canada to visit my family and celebrate Thanksgiving at my parents home with my  family and friends. 
We had a lot of fun taking Vida around my hometown in Ontario. 
Our first trip was to the Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto 

Nemo heaven with her Uncle Jordan
The Jellyfish were breathtaking

 . . .
We went to Saint Jacob's Farmer's Market. 

V tried her first Apple Fritter
She loved them

the cool weather called for layers!! yay!

. . .

We also went apple picking...which is fun, but a lot of work.  
We mostly went to take photos and picked about 5 apples.

 . . .
No trip to Ontario would be complete without a trip to Niagara Falls
we had dinner at The Rainforest Cafe with friends

It was chilly, but this Miami girl refused to wear her hat and gloves

friends enjoying the falls 

Our trip to Canada was so much fun, I loved spending time with my family and friends, seeing Vida interact with my brothers and parents was definitely a dream come true. 
I had never had them all under one roof at the exact same time before. 

I hope to take her back for Christmas so she can see snow and do all the fun winter activities. She just has to keep her hat and gloves on. 

Thanks for stopping by :)

-Vida & Acsa