April 23, 2017

Leo|9 Months

Weight? 21.5
Clothing size? 9 months, he's on the shorter size for pants. He's still in 6 months 
Milestones this month? We have a crawler and man does this baby move fast!!! 
Special outings this month? We took Leo to his second country,Holland to see the tulips. 
Thoughts about the past month? I really should have thought more the veggie and fruit updates. Now that he's moving around more, they are getting hard to do. Lol 
What is his routine like?still the same. He's eating some solids but not enough. Still prefers breast milk. Which is okay. 
Any big changes? He's trying to stand up on furniture and in the tub. Where is my newborn? 
What are his favorite things right now? Looking in the mirror and dancing to Moana and Trolls. 
What are you looking forward to? Taking him to the beach next month. I hope he likes it!!


Leo| 8 Months

Catch up time!! 


Weight? 20 pounds 
Clothing size? 6-9 months 
Milestones this month? His two bottom teeth broke through
Special outings this month? we went to see Beauty and the Beast. He slept the whole time. 
Thoughts about the past month? He's very loud and babbles a lot. This is something Vida never did as a baby. She was very quiet until she turned 1, and then she became a loud baby. 
What is his routine like? same, still breastfeeds to sleep. We co sleep for a little bit at night time, then I put him in his crib and co sleep again when he wakes up to drink breast milk around 7am. I love that he falls back asleep after and wakes up right when we take Vida to school at 9am. 
Any big changes? He's so much heavier now and trying to crawl. He gets up on all fours and I see that he wants to go but just can't. Almost though. 
What are his favorite things right now? Playing with Vida. He loves being next to her,then he pulls her hair and all hell breaks loose. Lol
What are you looking forward to? I can't wait to see him crawl, but at the same time that means he is growing up really fast and my mama heart can't handle that 


April 20, 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter 2017!! This was my first Easter with two babies. Leo didn't do much egg hunting, he just watched his sister grab eggs while I held him.
 When she was done she would come over and gave him a few eggs, he had his own little basket that I found at the dollar store. It's really tiny, I'm not to sure what it could be used for. But it was the perfect size for him.
Isn't it so cute and tiny? He's a little bear with a picnic basket 

We did a total of 4 egg hunts Friday to Saturday. So Sunday we stayed home,made pancakes and Anthony made me extra strong coffee because I was exhausted

Leo got to meet the Easter bunny for the first time. As you can see he's thrilled. 
We did a 1-5 year old egg hunt and Vida had a blast. She got so many stickers she asked me if we could home right away so she could use them 

On Saturday we did en egg hunt every hour from noon to 3pm for kids in the 0-3 age group 
It was so cold that afternoon and she insisted on wearing the Easter dress my parents sent her. So I told her she had to wear a sweater and a coat. Between egg hunts we went indoors to do crafts, eat food,decorate cookies and get her face painted. 

So thankful this was here so we could keep busy and stay warm 

I couldn't time Leo's naps with the Easter bunny so I couldn't get a photo of them together with the bunny, next year for sure. 

Later that evening Disney's Imagination Movers came to perform for the kids. 
Vida was dancing the whole night,she slept like a rock that night and didn't get up until 11:30 the next morning.

Sunday morning I got the kids baskets set out and it was so cute to see Leo digging through his and then quickly crawling over to Vida's to terrorize her and take her stuff 

So sad he didn't get any chocolate 
Stealing her gift card,no shame 

All is good, he got a book with his name on it. 

While Vida napped Sunday afternoon, I took this little bunny and took a few Easter photos in his bunny ears and bunny Honest Co diapers. He looks so cute. 

Since Monday was a holiday in Germany, Vida didn't have school we headed to the Palmengarten in Frankfurt, for their Easter event and egg hunt. It's so beautful there, they had live bunnies and delicious chocolate. 

We spent the whole day here walking the gardens,watching the swans and stopping by their cafe for dessert and coffee. 

It was such a fun Easter this year with my loves. I can't wait to see Leo hunt for eggs next year. 
Hope you all had a great Easter 












February 18, 2017

Leo| 7 Months

Weight? 18.5 pounds 
Height? I need to invest in a measuring tape 
Clothing size? 6-9 months depending on the brand. He's a little on the short side. 
Milestones this month? Holding his upper body up with his hands, he's also attempting to crawl too. I'm so not ready for that. 
Special outings this month?He celebrated his first Valentine's Day party at a friend's house. He stayed away the whole freaking time!!! 
Thoughts about the past month? 7 months feels different this time. Vida was a little bit of a nervous baby, she could sit on the couch with a few toys and she wouldn't move or try to roll off. Leo, on the other hand, I can't leave him for a second because he just tries to roll of the couch the moment I sit him down. So now I have to sit on the couch and he has to stay on my lap. He's definitely not a nervous or scared baby. He's just ready to grow up and get moving.  
What is his routine like? He wakes up at 8:30 on the dot. Which is the time we leave to take Vida to school. Even on the weekends he's up at that time. When I drop Vida off st school, we come home, he breast feeds and then takes his morning nap, but only on the couch, anywhere else and he wakes up. He likes to fall asleep to me cleaning and watching Friends in the background. He sleeps for about an hour and half.  
Any big changes? We tried puréed carrots with breastmilk again, and he loved it. This time he opened his mouth and actually enjoyed it. He was not ready last month, he kept using his tounge to push the food and wouldn't get any in his mouth and he didn't seem thrilled or excited to try the food as he did this month. 
What are his favorite things right now?  Wooden spoons. Mine or the toy ones from Vida's kitchen. It's an obsession. He has such a strong grip on them too, so don't try to take it away. 
What are you looking forward to? 
I'm not sure, I feel like he's growing way too fast and it's making me feel a little sad. As long as he's happy as healthy, that's all that matters. 

Happy 7 months, baby boy. 
Now to look up recipes that have celery in them, so it doesn't go to waste lol. 


February 8, 2017

Leo|6 Months

 Weight? 18.4 pds

Height? Not sure 

Clothing size? 6-9 months 

Milestones this month? Turning from back to belly and belly to back. Blowing raspberries to whomever gets close to his face. Yeah, not cool when it's a complete stranger. 
Special outings this month? We went to France for the day. He slept for most of the trip, woke up to eat and once he went back in his stroller he fell asleep. 

Thoughts about the past month?He definitely is more aware of his surroundings and much more clingy with me and I feel a little bit more worn out with having to hold him more throughout the day, other than that he's a very happy baby and is in love with his sissy. 

What is his routine like? His naps are shorter but sleeping much more during the night time. 

Any big changes? He seems to be teething but I don't see any teeth at all 

What are his favorite things right now? Riding in his stroller, he's so chill in there but I have to keep moving haha. He owns me. 
What are you looking forward to? 
I want to see him try to get up on his hands and hold himself up. We gave him a taste of puréed food but he wasn't ready. Will try again next month

January 11, 2017

Snow Day in Germany

 We finally got snow!!! 

It didn't snow at all last year and I couldn't wait for Vida to see snow for the first time.
We woke up on Tuesday morning to about 4 inches of snow (I know its not much but it didn't stop snowing all day) I think by 6pm we were up to 6inches. My parents who live in Ontario, Canada got 16 inches over night. That is crazy. I am happy we had enough to play in. Vida kept saying "I want to build a snowman" so we ate breakfast quickly and took about 30 minutes putting on our winter gear. 
She was a little unsure at first but once she stood in it for a while she picked up snow and made her first snowball.

me doing all the work and her posing for her dada

snow baby

baby brother joined us for a bit and fell asleep in my arms

After playing in the snow, we made hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream and spent the rest of the day being lazy and watching Disney movies.

It was the best snow day ever.

January 9, 2017

Strasbourg, France

We took a little day trip over to Strasbourg, France last week when my brother was visiting from Spain. It was about a 2 and a half hour drive from our home in Germany to Strasbourg, I was so happy both kids slept the entire way there and back.
It was a really cold and rainy day in France when we arrived. On the drive there, we had huge snowflakes falling and I was wishing they would be falling as soon as we arrived, sadly, we just got light rain and sleet. 

Here are a few snapshots of our day there.

This Gothic sandstone Cathedral is breathtaking. You can go in for free and stroller friendly 

My brother standing in front of the "Cathedral of Our Lady"

Catching snowflakes

every time we travel, we buy a postcard, and we send one to our parents in Canada.

Vida said this is Belle's Castle

Inside the Cathedral is this Astronomical Clock

Take a picture of me, posing like this lol

 We crossed over this bridge and made our way to "Petite France"
She hates being cold, but always wants to be outside

Maison des tanneurs

Baby Bear came out from hibernation

Palace Kleber

We stopped for chocolat chaud and macarons. You haven't had delicious hot chocolate, until you have had hot chocolate from France.

We have to thank Grandma for this perfect coat and hat

So happy they kept their Christmas lights on even though their Christmas market was over.

France will always have my heart, I feel so at home here. 
Since I was raised in Canada, I learned French from elementary school
 all the way to high school. 
It felt so nice to be able to communicate with everyone.
We didn't visit any parks or gardens because of the weather, but I hope to return when its warmer and do lots more sightseeing.

Thanks for stopping by.