April 20, 2016

27 Weeks


How far along?   27 weeks. Missed 26 oops! 
Total weight gain/loss: +8pds
Maternity clothes? No, I'm hoping I don't have to buy any and it warms up real fast, so I can wear maxi dresses        
Stretch marks? None so far            
Sleep: with a toddler-okay lol 
Best moment this week? bought new hangers for his clothes, time to organize!                
Miss Anything? coffee here and there when I start feeling sleepy at 2pm            
Movement: so much!! This child is wild 
Food cravings: nothing crazy 
Anything making you queasy or sick: no        
Have you started to show yet:
Gender: baby boy
Labor Signs:
Belly Button in or out:
Wedding rings on or off? On, thankfully my fingers haven't swelled up. Maybe later on they will 
Happy or Moody most of the time: a bit of both :) 
Looking forward to: a mini vacation 
Milestones: can't think of any 
Pregnancy Weirdness: I keep having strange dreams, they won't go away 

April 11, 2016

Palmengarten in Frankfurt

inside the Tropicarium 
This last week, I decided to take my girl to the indoor botanical garden in Frankfurt. It was quick 20 minute drive from Wiesbaden and parking was super easy to find.

This place is absolutly breathtaking. The indoor garden, the mini aquarium, the outdoor gardens with little duck filled ponds and large greenhouses were just a few of the things to see and do there.

For 7 euro, kids under 3 are free, you start your day inside the botanical garden, you make your way around and step outside to the perfectly manicured lawns, perfectly planted flowers and walk over to the 'Palm House' inside this huge mansion there are a variety of plants,trees,palms and a cute little grotto, with a waterfall. The plants are so lush and green, it feels like a tropical oasis. I wish I had known about this place when the winter blues hit, this would have cured that right away.

right next to the grotto is a little cave with a mini aquarium inside.

We took a little walk outside to see and in Vida's case smell all the beautiful flowers. 

                           We took a little stroll around the garden and visited the  'Tropicarium'
To keep with the plants natural habitat, you will notice as walk through, that the plants are all divided by groups. The groups are: The southern group, here you will see plants from arid tropics. In the Northern group is for the humid tropics.  In the centre you'll find is the home for the bromeliads (I totally had to google what that was) the fourth group, is not accessible for guests but can seen from the outside is the greenhouses that which contain the Palmengarten's botanical collection.

Told her it was sharp, she didn't believe me lol

inside the rainforest

saying hello to the birds

When you step inside the rainforest, you will get wet, make sure to protect your phones and cameras.
There is also a constant light mist sprayed throughout

little fingers exploring  

The Palmengarten also has 2 playgrounds, a mini water play area, mini golf, a rock garden, a blossom greenhouse, an outdoor grotto, a cafe, an open field to play in, boat rentals, a large music pavailion for summer concerts, and a large rose garden.

It was nice and sunny when we arrived, then it became a bit cloudy and it started to rain, so we spent the rest of the afternoon inside. 
We hope to go next week and have a picnic in the rose garden and spend the whole day at the playground. 

Thank you for stopping by, if you're in the Frankfurt area, you definitely need to go and visit the Palmengarten.

P.s- A little birdie over at the Palmengarten told me, they are in the works for an indoor butterfly botanial garden to come soon. I seriously cannot wait!! 

-Acsa & Vida xoxo

April 4, 2016

25 Weeks


How far along?  25 weeks  
Total weight gain/loss: 6+ pds
Maternity clothes? Not yet         
Stretch marks? Nope           
Sleep: it's good so far. He does kick me around 2-3am and it's painful :/ 
Best moment this week? Eating pizza and no major heartburn lol                
Miss Anything? Super strong  Iced coffee             
Movement: lots and lots 
Food cravings: nothing crazy this week 

Anything making you queasy or sick: no        
Have you started to show yet: yes!             

Gender: Little Man 
Labor Signs: no       
Belly Button in or out: out 
Wedding rings on or off? On                
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy, but very short on patience :/               
Looking forward to: setting up our maternity photo shoot                
Milestones: nothing this week 
Pregnancy Weirdness: keep having dreams where I'm getting married and the strangest more disorganized people are in charge of putting it together and it stresses me out, even in my dreams haha. I've had the same dream 3 days in a row this week. 

April 2, 2016

24 Weeks


How far along?   25 weeks 
Total weight gain/loss: 5 pounds 
Maternity clothes?  No      
Stretch marks?  None        
Sleep: it's okay with a toddler lol 
Best moment this week? got a lot of nesting done. Makes me feel better             
Miss Anything? Going up the stairs without getting tired lol        
Movement: so much, it's a bit painful. He's really rough 
Food cravings: nothing 

Anything making you queasy or sick: no      
Have you started to show yet:  yes          

Gender: boy
Labor Signs:  no        
Belly Button in or out: out
Wedding rings on or off?  On            
Happy or Moody most of the time:  happy. I get sad moments when I think about having to split my time with the baby and Vida. :(              
Looking forward to:  a mini pregnancy photo shoot              
Milestones: almost done with the 2nd trimester 
Pregnancy Weirdness: nothing I can recall this week 

23 weeks


How far along?   23 weeks 
Total weight gain/loss: not sure :/
Maternity clothes? Not yet       
Stretch marks?  Nope.            
Sleep: much better. Had a horrible cold last week and now I'm feel 100% better 
Best moment this week? Feeling more strong kicks                 
Miss Anything? coffee and sushi        
Movement: a lot. 
Food cravings: nothing this week 

Anything making you queasy or sick:  no.        
Have you started to show yet: yes!              

Gender: boy
Labor Signs: no         
Belly Button in or out: in. 
Wedding rings on or off? On              
Happy or Moody most of the time:  happy              
Looking forward to:  putting all his clothes away. Right now they are piled in his crib            
Milestones: can't think of anything 
Pregnancy Weirdness: I can't go one hour without peeing. Lol 

March 29, 2016

Easter 2016


Happy Easter, everyone.  Hope you all had a beautiful day with family and friends. I'm feeling extra lazy this week, I think from overeating candy and my husband's fluffy pancakes all weekend. 

We had such a fun weekend. We started Saturday morning by driving over to the base and participating in the USO's annual egg hunt. It was our first time and we had a lot of fun. They had snacks, drinks and pictures with the Easter bunny set up and a huge egg hunt separated by ages which went rather fast but very smoothly. Kids are quick when it comes to finding eggs haha. 

We couldn't get her near the bunny last year but this year she actually let me sit her in his lap. She didn't crack a smile until she slid off and gave him a high five. 

Sunday afternoon we set out her basket to open, since we all woke up so late. It was nice to sleep in though. 

               Going through her basket 

We had a friend and her baby girl over for brunch. We had delicious French toast, pancakes, eggs, the best German bacon, fruit and coconut whipped cream and we can't forget mocha iced coffee. 

Bunny pancake for my little bunny foo foo 

Here she is eating that said bunny like it was about to hop off her plate. Lol 

We painted eggs and had a relaxing afternoon with our friends. It was very cold and rainy so we skipped the egg hunt in our backyard. We watched Disney movies and the girls played the day away together. 

It was such a beautiful day, so grateful for Jesus' sacrifice on that day, his never ending love and his blessings in our life. 
He is risen indeed. 

March 25, 2016

Vida's Easter Basket

This year's basket is full of girlie goodness :) 

We have plastic eggs full of stickers, Honest and EOS Chapstick, hair clips I made, a itty bitty Cinderella doll, A German Easter book, a Paris book, my brother got for Vida, Sophia and Co hair clips and a gorgeous flower halo and the cutest book I have ever read, 'Anna Loves Elsa' it's full of flaps, gatefolds and pop up tabs and lots and lots of glitter on every page. 

I can't wait for V to see her basket all nice and full on Sunday morning. 

I love love love Easter!! 
I still can't believe my brothers and I missed out on Easter baskets and egg hunts growing up. What's funny is that my parents didn't celebrate the commercial side of Easter, only the religious side, but guess who gets an Easter basket full of goodies every year from her Grandparents? Yup, Vida! Who are these people? Lol. 
I'm so glad they can see how fun it is and I believe that celebrating holidays only keeps the innocence and magic inside a child for much longer. Once she's older and understands more we will tell her about Jesus and the importance of Easter and the resurrection.   

To shop Sophia and Co visit: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SophiaCo

Happy Friday!!