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I received free products in order to host a #nowmorethanever Disney Play date party. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Hello, Friends!!!

Now, more than ever is the time to plan a vacation at Walt Disney World Resort ! I am so excited to reveal some new and fun details for all four theme parks. 
Magic Kingdom Park: Mickey and Minnie's Surprise Celebration 

  • Mickey and Minnie will greet guests together inside Town Square Theater. They will be wearing all new, colorful outfits for their special cerebration. 

  • Pluto, Mickey's beloved dog, will meet guests under the big top at Pete's Silly Slideshow in Storybook Circus.

  • An all-new song, "it's a Good Time," will play several times a daily as part of the new "Move it! Shake it! Mousekedance it! Street Party." During this high-energy bash, singing hosts will invite guests to join in the fun with Disney pals including Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and many others. 

Disney's Hollywood Studios: Party with Pixas Pals and celebrate the Studio's 30th Year.
  • A door to the monster world will open inside the Walt Disney Presents, inviting guests to visit with Mike and Sulley from Disney & Pixar's "Monsters, Inc"

  • In addition, the new high-energy love show "Disney Junior Dance Party!" will feature characters from Disney Junior Television series, including Vamprina, Doc Mcstuffins and many more.

Epcot: More Broadway Music Than Ever at Epcot International Festival of the Arts
  • The Festival will include 13 food studios, plus additional creative food and beverages around Epcot, featuring an expanded selection of delicious new tastes to savor

  • Don't miss "IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"  at World Showcase Lagoon which will be ending in the second half of 2019 to make way for an all-new nighttime spectacular. 

Disney's Animal Kingdom: Feel the Love During 'Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party'

Guests will take a walk on the wild side at Disney's Animal Kingdom during the "Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party," featuring Timon and Rafiki from Disney's the "Lion King"

Each day on Discovery Island, the dance party will encourage young adventurers to let their inner animals roam free on the  dance floor as a street band plays a fiery soundtrack in a World Beat Style. 

These are just a few of the fun and exciting things going on a Walt Disney World. Now, more than ever is the time to go and make magical memories with your family. 

To celebrate all the new fun things going on WDW, I decided to host a Magic Kingdom themed party on a budget. I wanted my guests to feel the fun and magic and of course eat some delicious food, play some fun games and win some cool prizes. 


I have hosted many parties in the past for friends, family and for my kids. 
I am going to share a few tips along the way to help you save money for any party you are looking to host in the future.

I highly recommend buying linens, it is a one time big purchase you will make, but will be the most cost effective in the long run. I have had this white table cloth for 7 years now. It has been stained with everything and anything you can think of, I throw it in the wash and the stains have come right off. I have even washed it days later, and the stains still come out. 
I bought white, because it is easier to match everything with. 
You can buy this exact one here and choose any color you like.

Other party items I have purchased, are cake stands. I kept borrowing from friends in the past and or renting them from a bakery and it just made me nervous the whole time, I kept imaging it falling over and breaking.

 I've seen some cute stands in the Target Dollar spot. 
I bought this set of two large and medium sized cake stands. They clean easily and I stack them together in my pantry.
You can buy this set here.
Target has one cake stand that is similar here

I decided to use my daughter's Magic Kingdom Castle toy as my center piece on the dessert table. I placed a sturdy box underneath the table cloth to give it some height. I love adding big books, boxes and even old phone books to elevate some items on the dessert table.
 I always start with the big items first and then fill in with the smaller plates and decorations. 

My friend over at Cupcakes and Paperscapes made me this gorgeous Magic Kingdom banner. Isn't so cute? It brought back so many memories from our trips to Magic Kingdom. 

I used these blue paper fans and tissue paper to represent "fireworks."
I crumbled up the tissue paper and pinned it to the wall. They stayed put for the whole party. You can find so many party decorations at your local thrift store. I have bought so many items and they are all sealed and very cheap.  

I also used a lot of Disney figurines throughout, I think it added a cute little touch.
I love to use items I have around my home for parties. Mason jars and cute coffee mugs can double as flower vases. For the mugs, cut your stems really short and insert a tiny piece of plant Styrofoam inside the mug to keep the buds in place. 

I printed a quote and placed it inside a frame I already had. I was going to have pictures of my kid's at Disney world but then decided against it, I felt that it would make the table look too cramped. 

Confetti everywhere!! I got this cute Mickey Confetti at a Disney Store in Spain. They threw so much in my shopping bag and I kept every little piece ever since. It is just too cute to throw away. 

Have you ever had a Popcorn Cake? I didn't even know this existed!! Let me introduce you all to Popped Passion
Let me tell you, this cake is delicious, it is so soft when you cut into it and the Gummy Bears and Oreo Mickey head were so cute. It was the most talked about food at the party!!
 You can find this one and many other flavors over on the link above. 

Sprinkles, yes please!! 
Thank you Disney for sending over these cute balloons!! 

Thank you Disney for sending over these cute Mickey Masks 

Food and Drinks 

I wanted to use these little tea cups to represent the Tea Cup Ride at Walt Disney World. I placed these cute mini cupcakes from Smallcakes.

This location in New Tampa graciously donated over 30 cupcakes for my Disney Play date. 
The cupcakes are delicious and were the perfect size for little hands. 
We had so many flavors to chose from; Ice cream Sundae, Brownie, Lemon and chocolate with pink sprinkles, which all the girls loved. 

These magic Kingdom Castle toppers were also made by Cupcakes and Paperscapes/
She can make and create almost anything!! Send her a message for all your party needs. 

I decided to host a brunch so I could keep my cost down for food and not feel overwhelmed making a lot of the food on my own.
Kodiak Cakes sent over a few boxes of flapjack and waffle mix along with this delicious raspberry syrup! It is so good and I can pronounce the ingredients.  
Have you heard about them before? They were featured on Shark Tank a few years ago and we have been hooked ever since. Even though their recipes have been around since 1982, they are still a family owned business.
 Their mixes are packed with protein and for me, that is important to have included in our breakfast in the morning.

For the play date, I made chocolate chip, protein muffins with raspberry syrup in the middle. These pack such a huge protein punch, you are left full and happy after eating just one!
I will be sharing my recipe in another blog post! :) 

You can order on Amazon or find their products at your local Target. 

gogosqueez I cannot imagine my life without you. You make snack time a breeze. I feel like a queen when my kid's ask for a snack and I pull these babies out of my purse and hand my kids one each.
Can you imagine going to Disney World or anywhere without any of these pouches? no way!! 
They are everything motherhood and I want to thank Go GO Squeez for donating these pouches for my play date, everyone was snacking on them. 

Can't forget the Mickey Goldfish Crackers. Check my Instagram for a quick and delicious way to make chocolate covered mickey heads. We pop these in our homemade trail mix. 

We also had Chick-Fil-a on a Sunday!! Lord have mercy! how on earth was this possible you ask?
let me tell you, Chick-Fil-a, Catering trays!!!
Order your tray a day in advanced, heat up the chicken the next day and you are ready to go. 
Follow the link to see how you can order at your local Chick-Fil-a here

I also made Minnie shaped Rice Krispies Squares and you won't believe it, I bought Mickey Shaped Waffles and completely forgot about them in the freezer. Now, we have to eat 30 waffles before they expire.
My kids: Consider it done! 

Disney sent over the napkins and plates. 

For drinks, I got Honest Juice boxes (let's try to keep sugar to a minimum, people!) 
and for the moms, I set up a Mimosa station. 
Fresh fruit was in the fridge. 

Thank you Disney for sending these cute cups.

These macrons were the talk of the party!!
 I had my guests fill them with the "Grey Stuff" from Beauty and the Beast!! 
You can make your own here.
Super easy to make and just a few ingredients.

Belle is eyeing my macrons

Brother's All Natural Fruit Crisps are another huge favorite around here. These freeze dried snacks are GMO FREE and Organic and taste so good!! The perfect little healthy snack to go in your kid's lunch boxes. And with The Disney pals on the front, it makes it the perfect Disney snack!
I want to send a huge thank you to Brother's All Natural Fruit Crisps for donating these perfect snacks for my play date!! 

Games and Activities 

You can find this bamboo organizer Here
Thank you Disney parks for my sparkly Minnie Ears 

Creative Crafts By Amanda made these stickers for my guests. The children decorated little Notebooks I found at Dollar Tree. I got Polka Dots for the girls and solid black ones for the boys. 
I provided stickers and other fun stuff to put inside their autograph books. The kids got very creative and spent a majority at the time creating their books. 

I also provided some fun Disney coloring sheets. 

Hard at work 

The girls really do love taking their times when they are creating masterpieces. 

My girl could spend hours here.

A few games we played were Pin the Nose on Mickey that Disney sent over. This game will definitely bring out the giggles in everyone. Another favorite game I love to play, which I just call the "Cotton Ball" game is super easy to set up and gets people cracking up. 

You need: a paper plate
a bunch of cotton balls
a spatula plastic or metal
a blindfold

Blind fold your guest, have her sit on the ground and scatter the cotton balls in front of her.
Hand her the spatula and plate and have her scoop up the cotton balls as fast as she can without placing the plate on the floor. She must keep it off the floor at all times. The guests then cheer her on like she has so many cotton balls, but in reality she doesn't. It really makes the game so much more fun when you pretend. The cotton balls are so light you cannot feel them on the spatula, but if you are patient you might be able to scoop a few on your plate.  
The person with the most cotton balls is the winner!

No party would be a party without a PiƱata!! Thank you Disney for providing us with one! This one had pull strings and the kids pulled on them to release the candy. My candy was a bit large, so we had to shake it out!! 

Prizes and Giveaways

I had a few companies and small shops donate some goodies to giveaway. Follow the links to see more of their products.

My little Disney Store Corner and a hidden Mickey!! Can you find him? 

Crochet By A  made these adorable Winnie the Pooh drink Koozies!! 
She is only 11 and owns her own business!! Please go like and follow her page, she makes so many amazing things.

Our favorite Popsicle brand, JonnyPops sent us over coupons for free boxes along with some tattoos. 

Fantasylandtrinkets/ sent over this cute sticker. 

My favorite bow shop Giddyupandgrow sent over coupons 

lollyynelly sent this cute dress. Look at that detail. 

Jakkstoys donated this gorgeous Aurora Dress 

I decided to giveaway this beautiful Frozen, board book. You can find it at Target 

Pillowpets donated this cute pillow! Join their email list and get 15% off your first order!! 

Littlevintagebabes sent this dress over!!! 

I bought the cookbook at the Disney Store and decided to have it as giveaway 

Jakks. send over this Rapunzel doll. I am going to be giving her away on Instagram!! 
Be sure to check back on Friday. 

 Goody Bags 

This is one of the things I like to spend a little more money on. I like to buy items kids will use and or eat. I also like to spend very little on the bag itself, because it will be in the trash as soon as possible. For my goody bags, I decided to use brown paper bags and glue the Magic Kingdom map around it. I thought it was a cute little touch and something the ultimate Disney fan would appreciate. 

I filled the bags with:
Disney bubbles-Target Dollar Spot
Toy Story Erasers- Dollar Spot
Forky activty- Dollar Spot
GoGo Squeez pouch
Fruit Crips bag
Disney stickers
Mickey crayons- Dollar Tree
Disney Princess Crayons
Oil Pastels for the older girls-Target
Disney bath bombs-Big Lots
Toy Story Lollipops-Big Lots
Disney Princess bows-Wal-Mart

 I found my name tag from when I worked at the Disney Store. I had to wear it for the event, my guests thought it was such a cute touch!! 

 I hope this Disney Play-date inspired you to recreate your own soon.
 All you need is Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust. :) 

Maybe we will see each other at Disney World?
See you soon!! 

Thank you for stopping by!!

xoxo-Acsa & Vida.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
                                                                      -Walt Disney 


  1. What a beautiful Disney Playdate! I love that you had all those cute Disney things to give away. It's such a great idea to have the kids make their own Disney Autograph books! You really went all out with the activities and the food, it's amazing.

  2. Wow! Your party looks so Magical! I love the idea of putting the Disney park map on the goody bags, really creative!

  3. It looks like all of the kids really enjoyed the party! I love all the goodies you had to give as prizes and the kids faces when the candy fell out of the pinata!


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