June 24, 2016

PinkBlush Maternity Review and Giveaway *closed*

-Giveaway Closed-

I had an amazing opportunity to provide a review for PinkBlush Maternity earlier this month. If you haven't heard about PinkBlush Maternity, grab your coffee (hopefully it is still hot) and let me tell you all about this awesome online maternity store that carries trendy, beautiful, maternity wear for very affordable prices.

PinkBlush asked me to select one item from their store to try out, I couldn't make up on my mind, there was just so much to chose from. 
So, after combing the site for hours, yes for hours, I finally selected the gorgeous 
(You can click the link above and check out this dress and the other colors it comes in)

If you know me, you know that I can live in Maxi dresses year round. This dress did not disappoint. The material is super soft, lightweight and the material was not clingy at all, everything I look for in a maxi dress. 
When I read I could wear this after my pregnancy and still be able to nurse my baby, I was sold! If I can't take a boob out, I can't wear it!! 

I also loved the Crochet detail, it gives this dress a more stylish look that would be a great dress to wear to your Baby Shower etc. Or you can throw on a cute little cardigan and your ready for a more causal look

I know shopping online can be very daunting for some, but PinkBlush has great customer service, affordable shipping rates and return policies that can make shopping with them a breeze. They also have a sizing chart on their page to help you out in picking the right fit. 
I decided to go with a size medium for my dress, even though it is a bit stretchy, I just wanted the dress to fall loosely around my belly and not cling so much to it. It is a bit long, but I only stand at 5'1, so I knew that was something I would have to hem myself, just like every dress I own.

In a gorgeous Poppy Field with my girl

When I read that I would have to hand wash this dress, I was a little bummed. Why give me more work to do? haha. It was very hard to wash this by hand, so I decided to wash this in my machine on the most gentle setting possible and I hung it outside to dry. Now, this was my experience, I know all machines are different. So please take caution. The dress came out just fine, no rips or tears, the crochet detail was in tack and the color was just as bright, I was so relieved. Just be careful if you do decide to do this.
I just wouldn't recommend putting their clothes in the dryer.

As a big thank you to you all for reading my review on this gorgeous dress, I am teaming up with PinkBlush Maternity to give away a $75 gift card!!!

Congrats to Randi-Lynn you are the winner!! 

Thank you PinkBlush Maternity for sponsoring this post. 


  1. If I won I would get, Mint Green Damask Bottom Maternity Maxi Dress .!!

  2. I would get the blue floral robe! It was be the perfect robe for the hospital!

  3. I would get a beautiful maternity gown for my clients :)

  4. It looks gorgeous! It would be SO hard to find this in a brick and mortar store!
    I put my hand washables in a pillow case (you might need a "body pillow" size pillow case, since it is so long) and then also use the most gentle cycle available. I have washed my daughter's concert dresses (they both play violin) like this for years, and never had a rip or tear!

  5. Liked on Facebook and I'd totally get a maxi dress and one of the robes!!! They look so comfy and I love the patterns!!

  6. I'm glad you encouraged me today to look through their site, there were so many beautiful options, it's hard to choose what I would want! But, if I won, I think I would most want a beautiful dress for maternity pictures like the lavender floral watercolor draped plus size maternity dress and a comfy robe (since I remember living in robes when my daughter was a newborn!) and I love the lace trim robes on the site. Crossing my fingers!

  7. Super cute stuff!! I love the color block maxi dress!- We have family pics coming up soon! Nicolette

  8. Janay Seay-HorneJune 25, 2016 at 3:22 AM

    I would get a pair of the black Pocket Plus Shorts and the Ivory Fitted Plus Size Maternity Top W/ Necklace. Im having a hard time finding cute shorts in stores

  9. It's a tough decision, but I would either go with one of the Cold Shoulder Dresses or the lavender lace photoshoot dress!! I
    Would love to use that in some sessions! Love them!!

  10. I would love to get a Maxi dress! (@Sarahandrewsnc on IG)

  11. I would love the blue damask hospital robe! It looks like it'd make you feel beautiful and elegant in the hospital for such a special time!

  12. I want that navy blue color block floral bottom maxi dress! It's so pretty!


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