February 17, 2014

Vida's 1st Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I had a lot of fun celebrating Vida's very first Valentine's Day. We spent Friday morning with my Mommy Group at our first annual Valentine's Day Brunch, the moms and babies looked so cute in their Valentine's Day attire.
We had a lot of "Valentine" fun throughout the week, we rocked heart headbands, mailed V-day goodies and wore cute Valentine clothing.
My little model in her Heart Bow, Pearls and Honest Co Heart Diaper!
On Wednesday afternoon, my mommy group got together and we painted "Love" canvases with the babies.  Mine is the fish one :)

On Thursday we were invited to attend a Baby Sensory Class here in Pembroke Pines,Fl.
I had so much fun and met new moms in my area. Vida had a blast she took a 2 hour nap when we got home. She got a lot of stimulation for sure.

Vida played with resonator bells,bubbles,a glow in the dark parachute and of course a lot of messy messy play!!
 On Wednesday we had Music Together Class. She of course wore a cute Valentine's Day outfit and bow!

Friday morning we got all ready to head over to the party, here are a few shots from that day. Creationsbyvane hosted and styled this beautiful "Mustache" theme Valentine's Day party. Here are a few shots from the party.


 Creations By Vane

Mustache Place cards

How cute do they look??

Cuddling with her friend :)

Naptime? lol
She melts my heart!
Photo Booth Time!!

Kisses for my Valentine

I love her expression!! 

I MUSTACHE ask you to be my Valentine? 


I made a Delicious Nutella Cream Pie!!
How cute are these?!

Love my Mommy Group!!!

 After the party we headed home. Vida went down for a nap and I did too. I was so exhausted from such a busy morning. When we woke up we put our cards and canvas out for daddy for when he got home.
I also made Chocolate covered Strawberries so we could snack on those.
He got home and all 3 of us exchanged cards, hugs and strawberry kisses!!
Vida went down for a nap around 6pm and hubby and I enjoyed a delicious Spaghetti and garlic bread dinner...it was so good!! Carbs are mandatory for V-day!!! 

  When Vida woke up I did a little photo shoot of her playing with her Valentine cards she got from the party.

Valentine Envelope I made her

So much love!!!

So cute and unique!!

She read her Valentine's Day book with her Daddy

She loves turning pages

Valentine cards from daddy!!

The card I made Vida I wrote a little love note on the back so she can read it when she is older. Not going to lie, I cried a little
Da-Da always gets the best cards!!

For her friends Vida sent this heart baggie full of Teddy Bear Grams and I stapled this picture to the baggie. It says: Bear Hugs for my favorite Valentine.

This was her Valentine's Day card!!
I had so much celebrating Vida's 1st Valentine's Day as a family...it was perfect. I didn't want it to end it was so much fun...but like everyone is saying...everyday is Valentine's Day!! 
We celebrate with hugs and kisses everyday!! :)


Thank you to everyone who entered I appreciate it so much.

Have a great week!!


  1. You are such a creative and talented mommy....Vida is very blessed to have you as her mommy!!

    1. Laura, thank you. You are so sweet!!!

  2. Love these pics!!!! That party looked adorable...loved all the decorations ♥


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