August 28, 2014

Summer Reading

Vida's favorite books

Vida loves to read books just like I do. 
She can sit in her little reading corner for hours flipping through pages and being her sweet self, and other times she is knocking all the books off the shelf for fun. Sigh... 
 Then she goes and does this, she brings me a book and snuggles in close so I can read to her and I melt like a snow cone in Phoenix.
 ( I totally quoted Mrs.Doubtfire there)
I am also waiting for the day she starts ripping books, thankfully she hasn't ripped a book...yet.

Her reading corner 

She loves the watermelon in  The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I have bought a lot of children's clothing on Instagram since I joined a little over a year ago. And a few weeks ago my addiction to buying  clothes has turned to buying books for Vida. 
A shop will begin to post books on their feed and my heart is pumping and my hands are shaking. It really gets the adrenaline going. It's so exciting. I have to be the first one to claim the books I want. 

I have been following a few book shops on Instagram from moms who sell new, used, and vintage children's books. 
I have been able to buy books from my childhood from these shops and it takes me back to when I use to read to my little brothers when we use to play pretend school. 
I know I can buy these books off Amazon or visit my local B&N, but I rather buy from these little shops. 
They are run by moms just like me and I get to help these moms with 
their little businesses.
It's almost like shopping local except I don't have to leave my couch and I can shop right off my phone with PayPal. And that, my friends,  is called bliss.

So here are a few book links to the shops I follow on Instagram. 
I have purchased from all of them so I know they are legit and they ship fast too :)

books4littles  will shop with your ISO in mind.  She has an amazing selection and giveaways. 

houseofoh_vintage. A lot of vintage items here. 

little_book_fairy. She is a retired teacher selling her books. She has awesome prices and a great selection 

wolfgang_vintage. More adult books than children books still a great selection. 

All these books except, "Good Night Canada" and "Llama Llama" were purchased through the Instagram shops. 
As you can see they are all in very good condition.   

Vida has a favorite author :)

I love how she loves books

Who is your favorite children's book Authour? 

Mine is Alexandra Day.
I love all her Carl the Rottewiler books. 

Happy Book Shopping!! 

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