October 9, 2014

16 Months

Sept 24 

Age:16 Months
Stats: 26.6 lbs 

Clothes: Wearing size 12-18 month and size 3 shoes. 

Favorite Foods: egg muffins, watermelon and oranges. Still won't touch a banana 

New Words: seis(six),tickle, A-ba (ava)

Soes (shoes) 
Favorite things To do: she loves watching Tinkerbell and coloring with side walk chalk 

Signature Moves: Trying to climb on the couch and not being able to get back up. 
She gets so frustrated. 

Fun Trips/activities: we went to our very first high school football game. She loved watching the cheerleaders. 

Favorite Book: Harry the Dirty Dog 

Sweet Moments: giving big bear hugs 

Not So Sweet Moments: More screeching at Toys R Us when we have to leave. Need to avoid that place. 

Funny Moments: Falling asleep while eating has got to be the funniest thing ever. 
She is so tried but insists on eating.  

Happy 16 months to my big girl. 

               Go Lee County Trojans!

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