S'mores Going Away Party

 Goodbye Sweet Friend,

A very sweet Marine wife turned great friend is PCSing to North Carolina with her family. PCSing stands for "Permanent Change of Station" which is not really that permanent since we end up moving every 2-3 years.. so it should be changed to "Temporary Change of Station" in my opinion.
 They are moving away and we decided to throw a S'mores going away party for them. 
It turned into a dessert party with S'mores. It was a fantastic night...it wasn't as cold as we hoped it would be but you can't expect much from South Florida in that sense.

I made a delicious pear pie,caramel flan, Jell-o, cookies and Nutella hot chocolate in the crock pot, you can find the recipe: here
I bought an assortment of candy the day after Halloween...50% off was an awesome deal. We had regular Hershey ,Almond Joy,Cookies and Creme,Reese's Cups,Andes mint chocolates,butterscotch etc. I even added sliced strawberries and bananas. If you have never had a S'more with strawberry or banana slices in between the marshmallow and chocolate you have to try it...it is so freaking delicious I had about 6! 
I wish I had taken more photos as the night went on but I got so busy I forgot to snap some.I  even forgot to take photos with my guests of honor lol.

Enjoy the pictures!!

Dessert table
The invitation. All the info was on the back. I had a graphic designer make this, if you want her contact info feel free to email me.
I made these envelopes out of brown paper bags. (will share a tutorial soon) and I bought a stamp that said shhh...it's a surprise and put that on the front.
 I think serving the ingredients on a cupcake stand is super cute and makes a great centerpeice
Waiting for the sun to go down and guests to arrive
Ravelo Family: We wish you a safe trip to North Carolina, a lot snow for  Christmas,a speedy deployment, a successful homeschooling journey,a happy New Year, and a warm home to create new memories.We will miss you so much but we know we will cross each other paths again soon! Thank God for facebook and Facetime :)

Ciao For Now!


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