Hello Baby!

Coming to a playground near you :)

 So happy  to announce we are expecting a baby June 2013 and we are so excited to meet our little, healthy,happy, Harper.

I knew before I was pregnant I wanted to announce my pregnancy with a handmade card.
 I had seen so many ideas on Pinterest that were super cute and I knew I had to steal one!

I found a pin where a mom printed the invitation information for her daughter's birthday on a pink balloon and tied it to the inside of a card and below the balloon it said, "Blow Me Up" so the guests could blow up the balloon and see the details for the party. I thought this was a very creative idea...so I stole it. I decided to use a photo and words on the balloons from a company called  Fast Balloons 

They were very helpful and the balloons came out amazing. I ordered some Christmas cards from Snapfish and put the cards together with the balloons. 
I will post a picture of the Pregnancy announcement card in my next post.

I sent out the cards to family and friends....only a few were confused on why I added a balloon. They told me I was silly and thanked me for the card...I told them to blow up the balloon...like it says...then they realized I didn't just send a balloon for no reason. :)
Everyone loved the idea, I wish I could take credit for it and say I came up with it, but I can't. All I can say is, that I have no idea how I survived without Pinterest before.
I love Pinterest...I am addicted :)


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