Pregnancy Announcements

I had these cards made for our parents. I wanted it to look like a little bakery on the front.

Since this is my parents first Grandchild, I had this typed on the inside of the card for them. I think it's so sweet.

For my in-laws I had this typed in their card since they have other grand kids.

I printed a few photos of the ultrasound on Snapfish in the wallet size so it would fit inside the tiny card. 
I really like how these turned out, my parents call the baby their little cupcake :)

These are the cards we sent to friends and relatives, 
 The front of our Christmas Card

All the best babies are born in 2013 :)

The balloon revealing the ultrasound photo along with the message
"Baby Harper Arriving June 2013"

The back of the card :)


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