3D Ultrasound

I have always found that the 3D ultrasounds can make your baby look very creepy. I always thought to my self, how can someone spend over 200 dollars on these scans? The photos are enough to leave me wondering damn why does my kid look like a sea monster? hahaha.

Then, I got pregnant and now I wanted one...just to see what my baby looks like. Of course the price made me want to throw up. I begged my OB to give me one for free but she said she would only do one if she saw something medically wrong with the baby and needed a closer look. I tried to bribe her with cookies but then I remembered she's not pregnant :) 

So I looked up ultrasounds in the South Florida area,I came across Dade Medical College. I gave them a call because I couldn't believe the $25 dollar price for a 3D/4D ultrasound. It was true, 25 dollars and I get a disc with photos and another with the 4D video. They told me that a student would be performing the ultrasound so she can gain experience. That's cool, I said to the receptionist. So I booked the appointment.
They only do ultrasounds on Thursdays and Fridays at the Hollywood location, not sure about the others. You have to make an appointment anyways, so give them a call here is the link to the website:

We arrived, I signed the waiver and paid they saw us within 7 mins of waiting.
The room was clean and the student was super friendly a teacher is  in the room just in case she needs help. And so the scan began...and oh my GOSH! I kid you not, I was terrified of my own baby hahaha. It was so scary at first. It didn't help that she was in the corner of my belly all squished either. I told my husband why is one of her eyes glowing? turns out she's a cyborg hahaha. 
They got her to move around and somehow she started to look cuter and more like a baby and not like alien vs predator. It was almost like a dream seeing her face on the screen I still can't pin point who she looks like most, I am so glad we got these done and for the price, it can't be beat. I recommended you go here...unless you don't mind paying 300 dollars (they better serve cookies and milk for that price)

Here are a few photos of the scan:
She had her arms behind her head and was sound asleep.
Since she wasn't waking up,my husband got real close and told her to wake up and we got a huge smile!!She adores her daddy.
Her little foot. She even had her legs crossed like a little lady :)
This face!!! I absolutely love it!

           Only 9 weeks to go until we get to meet you baby girl!!!!!
We love you to pieces!


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