Hospital Bag Packing List

I read countless blogs and books on what to pack in a hospital bag.  I didn't want to over pack but at the same time I didn't want to forget anything. The best advice came from a post I posted on Facebook. I asked moms: "What were some of the things you forgot to pack in your hospital bag that you wished you had packed?"I had such a great response I wrote everything down, even things I didn't even think about, like towels, the towels at the hospital were rough. So, here is a list of what we brought to the hospital, every item was used and I was so glad I brought it.

  • Toothbrush,toothpaste
  • Shampoo,conditioner,body wash,loofah/sponge (The hospital shampoo sucks it dried out my hair and the bottle is so tiny for my big hair)
  • Make up ( putting on a  little mascara and blush made a huge difference, I felt prettier and ready for photos)
  • Hairspray,hair products,brush, hair elastics, body lotion,perfume (My hair was uncontrollable, hairspray came in handy)
  • Going home outfit (A maxi dress easier to slip on)
  • Flip flops/slippers
  • Sweater and extra large fuzzy pants (I was freezing at night)
  • Post-Postpartum Numbing Spray (oh my yes!!!)
  • Camera,charger,cellphone
  • A night light or mini lamp (The bright lights in the room were blinding )
  • SNACKS Granola bars,pudding,cookies,fruit (Hospital food sucks and I just wanted something healthy and with flavor. Don't get me wrong I devoured the muffins and pastries like it was my job)
  • Water jug (I drank water like a camel...except the water they served was straight from the tap, yucky)
  • Nursing bra (I didn't bring nursing pads,they provided me with some)
  • Pillow (Their pillows were so flat)
  • Chap stick (Yes my lips cracked from being so dry)
  • Nipple Cream (My nipple cracked the first day, had her latched wrong the cream saved me)

  • Going home outfit (Vida wore a onesie,pants,a sweater,socks,hat and mittens because she had long nails)
  • 4 receiving blankets (The hospital provides blankets but they were so rough)
  • Big bows for photos 
  • socks,mittens 
  • "On The Night You Were Born" book so the nurses,doula and OB could sign for her. (Optional) 
  • Boppy (I sat on this bad boy and it helped with the pain down there)
  • Car seat (leave it in the car, unless you have to do the carseat test)
The hospital provided diapers,wipes,onesies and hats. Vida spent most of the time in their oneises so I only packed one for her to go home in.

  • Comfy pants and shirt for sleeping in
  • Change of clothes for the next day
  • Toothbrush,toothpaste,shampoo,soap
  • Charger,phone
  • Snacks
  • Lap top/charger
  • Pillow   
  • Snacks
  • Water jug

I hope this list helps new mommies to be, I always over pack and I hate carrying all that stuff back and have to put it all away. We managed to pack all of our things in one huge carry on bag. I'm glad we did because when it was time to go home we had so many gifts from friends and family to pack up my poor hubby had to do so many runs to the car to drop stuff off.  Also, the car seat stayed in the car the whole time we didn't bring that in with us. When it was time to go home they wheeled me down and the valet brought the car.

Our hospital room didn't have a fridge or microwave but the nurses were kind enough to let us use their kitchen. My hubby made me a "Post-Postpartum Spinach Shake" the whole three days we were there, don't worry no placenta in this shake haha. I will post the recipe soon, research shows that spinach can help with battling depression and the baby blues and of course it is delicious and healthy.
Family of  3

Going home!Yep, I'm wearing slippers forgot my flip flops in my bag lol

Vida slept the whole way home :)


  1. That pretty much sums up whst I had packed, minus the boppy. I justed used pillows. I had like 5 outfits fir Genesis. I didn't know what I wanted to bring her home in and I also didn't keep her in the hospital clothes, I dressed her in her clothes

    1. I'm so glad I brought the boppy, the pillows in the hospital were so thin it was crazy. I swear someone just threw cotton in the pillowcase lol. And sleeping on that was awful so glad we brought our pillows. We were lucky enough to have two hospital beds in our room anthony slept in one instead of on the couch.

  2. Loved the tip about bringing water, I'm adding that to my packed bag I'm picky about it too!! She is adorable and you looked sooo good for just having a baby, lucky!

    1. Liz, I am so glad the list helped you a little. You will want water like crazy. Thank you so much. Once she was out and my water broke I couldn't believe how "light" I felt. You will look fabulous you will see. The water we carry is freaking heavy.

  3. Great list! I wish we had brought a water jug, it's on the list for next time ;)

  4. Very good list! You look great in the pics for just having a baby!


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