Birth Story

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans"

Thursday, May 23 2013- I went to work that morning felt fine had a great day,no cramps or contractions. I was looking forward to the weekend I had SO many plans. After work I made a "quick" stop to Target, to buy some last minute things.
I arrived home,extremely exhausted and hungry. My husband and I had planned to go out for dinner but decided to stay home and make tacos instead and watch a movie. Now back to the tacos...they were extremely spicy! I know spicy food can kick start labor but at that moment I did not care, I ate those tacos like it was my JOB!
 (I wonder if that did start my labor hmmm) We went to bed and I just laid there thinking about our long weekend plans. We were going to finish the nursery,put the stroller together,organize the garage and head to Key West to a dog friendly beach and spend Memorial Day relaxing at the beach with our fur babies. I didn't realize how much still had to be done. "I have lots of time" I thought to myself...little did I know. 

3:00 Am-I wake up extremely thirsty drank a whole bottle of water and went back to bed.
5:00 Am I had to pee so bad...the urge was so intense I didn't think I was going to make it. Thankfully I did,peed and went back to bed.

5:30 am Again the urge to I was mad, only 30 minutes had gone by how could I possibly want to pee again?? I sat on the toilet and peed but I didn't feel like I felt more like something was leaking. Got up wiped and more water leaked. Sat down and this time I peed and it felt completely different. I thought to myself, did my water break? No,its more of a gush I have heard, not a trickle.  Went back to bed. The urge to pee was back I stood up and water ran down my leg...very little and it wasn't warm. I was like great, I peed myself. I walk to the bathroom,lifted the seat and just as I was going to sit down a huge gush of water fell in the toilet.
 I sat there and said out loud..."my water just broke,this is way too soon".  I was very calm just felt very confused. cleaned myself up and went back to bed. I told my husband, Anthony I think my my water broke...he's says, "are you sure?" I said to him "yes,it's a little early for her to come but can't do anything now, I'll call the OB when she opens in the morning"

I had discussed my birth plan with my OB. I wanted to labor at home,I didn't want to be induced unless there was some sort of emergency, I didn't want drugs at all and I wanted to avoid a C-Section at all costs. I was glad she delivered breech babies, she too  tried to avoid C-Sections if at all possible. I also told her I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible, she completely agreed with that decision. Since I wanted a drug free birth she said laboring at home would help because its a comfortable place and obviously no drugs there.
Even though my water broke I wasn't having any contractions. So I went back to bed this was 6:15am. Anthony and I cuddled for a while and I fell asleep. I woke up at 8:00 am with mild contractions, they felt like Braxton Hicks,that I usually got when I was dehydrated not painful at all just uncomfortable. Anthony woke up and made me a huge bowl of oatmeal with bananas,blueberries,chia seeds,almonds,hemp hearts,and flax seeds. I wasn't hungry because now I was getting nervous the contractions hurt a little and my mind was racing with things I forgot to buy for the hospital bag and the simple fact that I had was going to PUSH a baby out of me. I forced myself to eat the huge bowl of oatmeal because I knew I won't be eating again for a while and I was going to need energy to push. Anthony seemed very calm and collected, but he kept dropping things and was talking a lot and I was very quiet, I know he was nervous inside  and he knew I was nervous all over,he was trying to stay calm for me because he knows how nervous and paranoid I can become.

I called my mom who lives in Ontario,Canada and told her the news, she was so excited she says to me "I thought we had more time, I am going to have to change my flight" I told her not to right away, since the contractions were so mild I didn't think the baby was going to be born anytime soon. My sweet mom said a beautiful prayer over the phone. right there between contractions, we prayed for a safe delivery and strength for me. That prayer was amazing it was exactly what I needed (A girl always needs Jesus) My mom also had drug free births, she was my inspiration, she gave me words of  encouragement and I felt a bit stronger. I hung up with my mom and called my OB...nobody answered. This was 9:00 am. Anthony ran over to Babies R Us to pick up a few things and I started timing my contractions on an app on my iphone...that thing was annoying, it was all over the place and the pain was starting to get stronger and it was rolling over to my back. I couldn't time my contractions and wanted to do my breathing techniques, to much was going on and of course I was nervous I couldn't concentrate. I shoved my phone in my purse and forgot about it.

I stopped counting my contractions.  I had to concentrate on the pain now before it started to take over my body. This was definitely pre-labor, if this was painful what the heck would active labor feel like that? I refused to sit down or lay down that just made the contractions feel much worse.

I took a hot shower around 9:30 am and rocked my hips like a belly dancer in there for an hour. I would inhale deeply when the contraction started and blow out slowly as the pain started to get intense the hot water on my back felt amazing. Rocking my hips was a technique I read about, it helps the baby move through the birth canal, almost like a corkscrew type of motion.  I washed myself and changed.  Anthony got arrived home, it must of been like 10:45 Am. I called the OB's office once more,finally got an answer. I told her assistant my water broke that morning. She told me to head over to the hospital and that my OB would call the doula and meet us there. 
We left the house at 11:30 Am and drove to the hospital that was 30 minutes away.

Since I was sitting in the car...the contractions hurt so much more. I started to get annoyed because I couldn't do anything. I moved from side to side in the seat all the way to the hospital. We arrived and of course my husband could have dropped me off at the entrance and had valet park the car...but I told him to park in the parking garage because I wanted to walk.
We parked and we went down 3 flights of stairs and stopped every 5 minutes for the contractions. They were starting to feel like bad period cramps. I was so happy to be off my butt and not having to feel that pressure. I can't stress that enough,stay off your butt and back when in labor,it hurts so much more. We walked to the entrance they offered me a wheelchair but I said no. I wanted to walk for as long as I could because I knew once I got in the Maternity Suite I will be strapped to a bed. I was hoping the doula would be there so I could labor in the tub or bounce on the ball. Since I wasn't due for another 3 weeks we had no idea if she was in the area.

We arrived to the Maternity Ward signed a bunch of stuff (I registered a month before which now seemed pointless since they had more paperwork for me) the nurses made me read and sign so much stuff between contractions I couldn't concentrate and they started to hurt that I had to put my head down and my hands were starting to shake I couldn't sign properly. One nurse said "don't worry they will give you drugs soon" I said " No drugs please". Another nurse smiled at me and said "oh honey you will be begging for it soon,it will make you feel better" I just looked at her and smile there was no point in arguing with them.  I sign all this paperwork and they move me to a waiting room!!! They said the suite wasn't ready yet. My husband was pissed and started asking questions, I said to him "lets just go in the waiting room, I need to concentrate on my breathing my contractions were back to back and painful. we waited 15mins...the longest 15 mins of my life for the nurse. She came in right when a contraction was starting. I stood up and buried my face in Anthony's chest and held tightly to his arm,the contraction was so intense I felt like my legs were going to give out. She says for me to take my time and once she checks me she would call anesthesiologist. My husband answered for me, he told her that I didn't want the epidural, The nurse said to Anthony ' your wife is going to want the me"
We ignored her.

We go to the suite, I get undressed and of course they strap me to the bed. I asked if I could walk around, I knew lying down would slow down my dilation. The nurse said in a little bit let me get you hooked up to the monitors and put the IV in. Ugh...that thing hurt more than anything. Anthony had asked the nurse if I could get the IV later on but it was the hospital's policy to have the IV in at arrival. HELLO, I just got here I don't need fluids. They hooked me up and she did the cervix check. "You are 3cm" the nurse said. I felt so discouraged..."only 3?" I said, I said to Anthony, this is crazy...these contractions are getting worse,how much longer can I stand this pain? It was already 12:30 PM. The nurse comes back and says, "Now,do you want the epidural?" I said no...again. 

The contractions got intense...this is where my amazing hubby became the world's best birthing coach. All the emails my doula sent I would send to Anthony on how to help with labor pains. He stood next to me as I laid on the bed, I turned my body and held on to the side railing of the bed, every time a contraction started he would lift my lower half of my body off the bed to relieve the pressure and he would  rock my hips back and forth. As I concentrated on my breathing and reaffirmations.  He would stroke my head as I dozed off between contractions. He could see on the monitor when the contraction was starting he would gently pick me up off the bed and start to rock me. He would whisper that he loved me and how excited he was to meet his baby girl. Even in the middle of pain,he made me smile.

Again the nurse came...and offered the epidural...but this time she sweetly said, "Do you want to enjoy this experience?" she sounded like a saleswoman. "You need to get the epidural". I was so angry...think I must of yelled no but I can't remember, my husband told her to stop offering it. She shook her head and left the room. My husband kept reaffirming me that I didn't need it and that I was doing great. I wasn't being stubborn...I am just deathly scared of the many friends had major complications which there is no cure for and I refused to be another statistic. I knew I could do this without drugs,sometimes the epidural slows down contractions and makes labor last even longer...why would I want that?  I said to myself my body was made to do this...I can do this. Jesus give me strength,I prayed.

No one ever tells you how fast time goes when you are in labor. An hour went by quick...and one more time the drug pusher (nurse) came and offered me the epidural once again. (seriously was this lady trying to fill a weekly quota?) this time she asked me in Spanish. I sat up closed my eyes and ignored her. I told her I was going to  do this without and not to ask me anymore.  She was smart..she asked me when Anthony was outside making phone calls. I think she thought it was my husband's idea for me not to get the epidural. Once I told her I was set on not getting it,she said she would stop offering it.

2:30 PM "I have to poo" I told the nurse, please remove these wires...I need to go like NOW The nurse said hang on I have to check you...I said "no if you do that I am going to poo in your's like right there".I was trying so hard to hold it in. She checks me and says calmly, "Oh, her head is right there you are at 8cm". I looked at her "what,you are kidding?" she's shakes her head 'nope and that urge to poo is not poo, it's the baby". I was in shock my heart started pounding, Anthony's eyes got huge. I swore they were going to fall out. Then I realized, I had not updated or called my family....I didn't think this baby was going to come that soon. My poor husband was handling two phones letting everyone know how close we were.

3:00 Pm My OB arrived and checked me I was at 9cm. She to didn't think I was going to dilate that fast, she was on the other side of town,in a meeting. She said the doula was an hour away and that there was no point in waiting for her this baby was coming now. Then there was chaos in the room. Nurses coming in,trays with medical stuff came in. My OB started getting prepped. I called out to her and said "please I need to poo,I know they said it was the baby,but no I feel it in my butt"  She laughed, "I can't have you move now but if you poo its totally normal, I will not judge you,if you poo that means you are pushing correctly" Then my stomach did this weird jumping motion and I said to my OB..."I want to push..I need too like right now...I HAVE too. I started to panic my stomach felt like it was going to rip open and I had no control over it. She said "I can't have you push until you get to 10cm,if you push now you can rip something inside and start hemorrhaging". Oh great, just what I needed to hear. Wanting to push but having to control it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I just wanted to push. This is when those Lamaze breathing techniques came in handy, even Anthony was doing the quick breathing . My OB said "You are at ten I see her hairy head, but you have a full bladder, I need you to pee in this container"...I couldn't, it was just so weird, I begged to go to the toilet. She said pee in here or I will have to put in a catheter...I said no...I'll pee... I have never peed so fast in my life. There was no way I was getting a catheter!

3:10 PM "OK, Acsa use the contractions to help you push" my OB said. I waited and pushed. Nothing, I didn't feel a thing. My OB looked at me and said take a deep breath, count to three and push, but wait for the contraction first. The contraction came and I had my OB,nurse and husband count for me and of course I was counting in my head and didn't push as strongly as I wanted. I could feel my face getting red but didn't feel anything progressing down there. I said to everyone please don't count just be quiet. You are all making me nuts and confusing me.
No one ever told me that when you push a baby out you have to push like you are going number two...I was pushing from my belly...oops. My OB then explained to me that I was going red in the face and I was pushing incorrectly. The contraction came and I swear, I felt more confident...I said to her "Okay Dr.Pena,..Let's do this" I could hear my husband giggle. I pushed...down there and I felt her head squeeze and I felt the "ring of fire" her head crowning. It  wasn't that bad as other moms had made it to be. I seriously was expecting for the worst possible pain. The nurse asked if I wanted to see with the mirror, I said no, only because I am sure I would of been scared. I kept my eyes closed and decided to touch the top of her head, OH MY GOSH,it was the the most amazing feeling ever!! 
 Anthony was excited he's kept saying, her head is right there oh my gosh, I can see it...he was like a little boy waiting for an ice cream cone. Smiling ear to ear. It was almost like seeing him as kid. He looked so excited and happy,his mouth was wide open,he's looking at me and everyone with his huge smile. Proud daddy moment.

One more big push and she's out the Dr said. OH MY GOD NO WAY, I yelled....okay lets do this. The contraction came and I pushed so hard I was determined to have her I pushed I felt her slip out I opened my eyes and I see my baby, with a huge head of hair,she looked huge to me. I started yelling oh my god over and over again I swear those were the only words I could say....I said to my OB, give me my baby, give her to me I had my arms stretched out as far as they could go. I was crying and laughing at the same time I was experiencing an emotion I had never felt before. Anthony kissed me and said "honey you did it,I am so proud of you". He cut the cord and they handed her to me...she cried when she was born and stopped as soon as she laid on my chest. I can't explain the feeling of having my baby in my arms....I felt like I was in a dream and I was floating above everyone and watching myself holding this baby. I couldn't believe I had just given birth. Nothing will ever compare to that day. Nothing.

They cleaned her up next to me and I couldn't stop staring at her...and then I noticed that there were a lot of people I didn't know in the room, then I realized that it was the nurses from the front desk. One by one they came and gave me a hug...they said they couldn't believe I chose to do a drug free birth and they just had to see for themselves. I thought it was weird that they were there were and how I didn't see them before. I thanked them and they said you are one tough girl...and I said no I just wanted to feel this experience first hand and it's something I have been preparing for. The drug pusher nurse that was with me from the beginning kissed my forehead and hugged me very firmly and apologized...she said I didn't think someone as tiny as you was going to be this strong. Your baby is here and she is healthy,you are going to be an amazing mom. I said to her I have an amazing husband who helped me and I serve an awesome God who gives me strength when I need it. Thank you for being here, It must be tough to be a nurse but I do appreciate you.

They took the baby to get cleaned up and I told Anthony to follow them and stick to her like a leech. I missed her when they took her. I was glad Anthony went with them. I delivered the placenta shortly after and my OB gave me 4 stitches down there since I tore...since she was so close to coming out,changing positions was out of the question,next time I will definitely prepare and birth standing or squatting.

They brought my precious girl back to me and she latched immediately...I couldn't believe I was a mom. I was on a natural high you feel tingly all over and it's true you totally forget about all the pain. Anthony and I just stared at her, we were so incredibly happy. We called family and posted on Facebook. I told Anthony weeks before, that Vida was going to come in the middle of huge Miami thunder storm and we would have to drive through that...thank God she didn't, but it started raining when they brought her back to my room and I am not kidding a huge rainbow appeared right outside our window. I thanked God for the strength he gave me to deliver my healthy baby girl and for giving me an exceptional husband who believed in me from the beginning.

Also a huge shout out to my daughter for making this experience possible...she went through a lot that day going through the birth canal, twisting and turning her way out. It's not easy. You should google all the things babies have to do to be born. It's unbelievable.

On May,24th at 3:27pm....our whole lives changed...forever :) 

Smiling through a contraction
Our Maternity Suite

I would tell myself through each contraction "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
My other reaffirmations were:
-This pain is not going to last forever
-Just breathe, it will be over soon
-Relax, don't scare the baby,she needs to be born in a nice and quiet environment
-This pain means I am one step closer to meeting my baby girl

Anthony took some non flattering photos lol

If you don't believe there is a God..Let me tell you, there is, and he's an amazing God
He told me he was extremely proud of me...he said I made birth look easy. :)
cutting the cord
Vida Harper 6pds 10oz 19 inches. That is hair on her forehead my hairy baby
Proud Daddy

Family of 3

Placenta anyone? haha
Baby Vida Harper

Going home

Choosing to do a drug free birth was something I prepared for mentally,physically and emotionally for 9 months. I stayed away from the horror birth stories,told only a  few people my drug free birth plan...people are quick to judge...even friends,which can be discouraging.
I stayed active, did squats and lifted weights to strength my legs to be able push. I didn't work out my arms as much and I regret it those felt weak the next day.  Labor is a work out...prepare your body. I know for sure I will chose a home birth for my next one. If you choose to have drugs,don't feel's alright. The only advice I give is at least try, you might surprise yourself on how strong you can be. Either way, drugs or no drugs...we all have the same end goal, that is to deliver our babies safely and become mothers. We were made to do this! 
If you want more tips or information please email me. 

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  1. aww so beautiful and yes you make labor look like a piece of cake! I had a traumatizing delivery experience. :( I will post it up soon. :)

    1. It went by very smoothly. Thank God. I look forward to reading your birth story.

  2. I absolutely love this and the pictures!!!

  3. Loved reading your birth story! It reminds me a lot of mine. Some nurses just don't understand going drug free ;) It really is an amazing experience! Congratulations! Your daughter is beautiful and I love her name!

    1. Thank you!!! It is all a business in the end. They want to milk the insurance company. It is a great experience I will never forget it.

  4. Your birth story is so empowering! I'm due in a few months and I'm looking into doing it naturally. Do you have any advice? What books did you read? Any help is really appreciated! Thank you for being a powerful role model!

    1. Yes!! I can email you A LOT of advice!!! :) and I will forward all my tips and tricks

    2. Thanks! I'll send one over this afternoon!


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