Vida's First Holidays

Vida's first Holiday was Memorial Day, since she was only 4 days old
and we had no plans, we dressed her up in her cute little Patriotic dress.

Happy Father's Day!!! We spent the day at home and I made delicious chocolate chip waffles for my sweet husband and for dinner we made tacos. It was a quiet day, I am sure next year will be more exciting. It will be so fun to see Vida make her daddy a Father's Day card.

Love these two!

Happy Canada Day! Even though I live in the USA, I still celebrate Canada Day. I hang my little Canadian garden flag outside and enjoy a cup of Hot Chocolate from Tim Horton's. 
(My mom sends me a can every year) Vida had to join in the festivities, of course, her little onesie was sent by her Canadian Grammy :) She looks so stinking cute!!!


Happy 4th of July!! I love this holiday. This day makes me emotional, when the Anthem is sung before the fireworks I get teary eyed. Even though I wasn't born or raised here I am very proud to live here, I am so thankful to those who serve our Military,past and present. 
On this day my Marine cooked up some delicious burgers, I made a delicious coconut pie for dessert and we watched fireworks from our car with Vida, even though she fell asleep the moment we put her in her car seat. Just wait until next year, baby girl!!!

My Little Sparkler

oops, the flag is facing the wrong way.
With my BFF!!


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