2 Months

June 24-July 24


 She has been a huge chatterbox lately. Anyone who looks at her and talks she stares at them and starts making noises. She moves her little mouth you could almost swear she is trying so hard to tell you something. She 'talks' so much with her daddy it melts my heart. 

 She makes so many funny faces it keeps us entertained. She raises her eyebrows,opens her eyes really wide and sticks her tongue out...so cute.

 She smiles from ear to ear to when I sing to her. She loves it. When I read books to her she looks at the pages and smiles when I turn the page.

Tummy time has gotten so much better she enjoys it more now than she did before. She rolled once but hasn't done it since. Maybe it scared her or she knows I don't want her to grow up. There are days when she sits up without any support and other days she is floppy like a pancake. So funny.

She is sleeping through the night 11pm-6am. Still napping through the day as well.

I'm so excited to start 3 different Mommy and Me groups next week, she is going to be a social butterfly like her mom.

Breast milk rolls

My big girl please stop growing so fast.


  1. I love that you sing to her. I think that is so important. I still sing to them and they love it. Most of my songs are in Spanish because those were the songs I was raised with. Seriously that was the only way I could get them to smile right away when taking pictures. Now is a little more challenging lol. I have so many videos of me singing to them or playing music for them and their reactions. You should do it!!!! I know we get so involved in taking pics but I feel like videos are so important. I love going back and watching them. It's crazy how fast they grow. Post a vidoe of her on FB!!!


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