Our Day in Pictures

6:00 Is when Vida usually wakes up, she starts fussing and kicks her blanket off it's the funniest thing. She doesn't cry right away but makes a lot of noise, she grunts like a horse. I pick her up and kiss her all over cause I love her so much and she gets annoyed, she's a crabby patty when she's hungry or she's not a morning person like her daddy. I change her diaper and she starts to cry, I quickly change her, sit on the couch, watch some tv to stay awake and feed my little girl her favorite breakfast: warm breast milk. 
She eats for about 30 minutes and dozes off. I cuddle her and place her back in the bassinet that I have in the living room.

6:30-7:00 I take this time to brush my teeth and wash my face. I kiss my husband goodbye as he leaves for work and I cuddle my sleeping dogs, who have no intention of getting up anytime soon. 
I make a quick oatmeal breakfast with nuts, seeds,honey,cinnamon and fruit. I want to make sure I eat before I breastfeed Vida again in a few hours. 

7:30- 9:00 I eat my breakfast, catch up on Facebook/emails, and drink a huge glass of water and I go sleep on the couch. 

9:00-9:30 I let my dogs out to pee and run around outside. The noise usually wakes her up. I change her diaper, and feed her again for another 30 minutes and she falls asleep again in my arms. I place her back in her bassinet. 

9:30-10:00 She falls back asleep, I feed my dogs, and this is when I make a bigger breakfast since now I'm starving.

10:00-11:00 I always make eggs, toast with peanut butter, fruit salad and a smoothie that consists of blueberries, spinach, kale and prune juice. I had leftover guacamole from the night before so I had that this morning. Wish I had that every morning with my eggs. 
I quickly shower with the video monitor right outside the shower door, I clean up the kitchen, tackle my to do list or just watch TV. 

11:00-12:00 Vida wakes up, I change her diaper and put her into a comfy outfit. 
I feed her, burp her and cuddle her on the couch. She's been babbling so much lately, it's cute to watch her move her mouth and make noises. I feed her for about 20 mins,burp her and change her diaper.

12:30 I take Vida to my room to play on her Music Mat. She loves to grab the toys and whack them.
If she's pretty calm I fold laundry while she plays.

12:45  I move her from her mat and do Tummy Time. She use to cry but now she loves it. I have her lean on the boppy half the time and then I lay her flat on the bed. Since our house is tiled I don't feel comfortable putting her on the floor. I think we may need to buy an extra fluffy rug soon. When she does tummy time she likes to stare at her toys,look out the window and sing with me. I play songs on my Ipod and sing along, she watches me and makes "Oohh" noises it is the cutest thing ever. I also do a baby massage every other day at this time. I know she has had enough when she lays her head on the pillow and starts dozing off. I check her diaper and then feed her. She falls asleep and I lay her in my bed between two pillows.

1:15 She falls asleep and I quickly go eat lunch. Lunch is always leftovers from dinner the night before. I eat and watch tv and go nap with my baby girl. This is the only time I let her sleep in my bed. I can't do
 co sleeping because I am a heavy sleeper and my husband moves around wayyyy to much.

4-4:30pm She wakes up,I change her diaper and place her in the Mamaroo while I prep dinner and empty the dishwasher. I play music for her and she just chills there watching me or the dogs.

 5:00-5:30 I take her to her room and read some books to her while we rock in her rocking chair. I feed her and she falls asleep. My husband usually comes home around this time.

 5:30-6:30 She sleeps and my husband and I eat dinner and spend time together.

6:30 She wakes up, he takes her and spends time with her sometimes they watch TV and I do not approve! I clean up dinner and relax on the couch, sometimes I fall asleep lol.
I feed her around 7:00 for about 30 minutes, I change her diaper and she stays up until we do her bedtime routine.

 9:30-10:00 Bath Time!! My hubby starts the bath while I get her towel and PJ's. All you can hear from the bathroom is my husband singing to her and her babbling away. She loves taking a bath, she cries when we take her out. We bathe her together and get her dressed in her cozy pjs. My hubby takes her and walks around the house with her singing to her and talking to her. I brush my teeth,get in my pjs and sit on the couch and get ready to feed her. He says goodnight to her and I feed and cuddle her.

10:00-11:00 I sit on the couch and feed my baby girl. This is the only time she eats for almost an hour. I sing her to sleep,say a little prayer for her,hug and kiss her and place her in her bassinet. I don't know if I will ever be ready for her to go in her crib. She sleeps through the night, praise the Lord, but at 3am I have to pump because I get so engorged.

6:00am comes fast.

This is pretty much our routine. It doesn't always go like this but for the most part it does. As you can tell she is a big sleeper (she gets it from us we even taught our dogs to sleep in). Once this Miami weather cools down we are definitely going to take more walks in her stroller. I have joined  seven Mommy and Me groups so we will be busy come the fall. I am also starting Baby Sign Language  next month so she will have even more stimulation. I love love spending time with my daughter...I can't wait until she can walk and we can go to the park,zoo,water-park etc. For some reason on the weekend this routine goes out the window lol. She tends to wake up later too...so funny.
How is your day with your little one? do you go with the flow or stick to a routine?

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  1. Love this!!! I know things start to get so repetitive but it will soon change =) Going on playdates will become a lot "funner" (yea that's not a word lol) once she's crawling/walking. You will have so much fun watching her explore. I still stick to a routine but I'm flexible if we have other things to do.

    1. I do love routine but once in a while getting out of the house is nice. I'm excited for her to grow so we can do more but for now I'm okay with her being little lol

  2. That is a good routine! And she ia such a doll!

    1. Thank you. My husband and I are big on routine. We love it. She's 4 months now and still on this routine. If we are out on a play date or lunch she falls asleep in her stroller. She likes her routine too. Lol


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