3 Months

Cannot believe Vida is 3 months old, where has the time gone?

On her 3 month birthday we took her to get her ears pierced. It was tough, but so worth it, she looks darling in her little diamonds. I will write more on that later


•She is one chunky monkey. She is so heavy she kills my arms. Or maybe I need to workout my arms more. 

•She rolled over once when she was two months old,I almost lost my marbles I was so excited and scared she was going to hurt herself. She hasn't done it since, but she will again in her own time I am sure. Hopefully I can record it!! 

•She sits up very well but after a while gets all floppy like a pancake. She needs to work her abs :)

•She is still breastfeeding and refuses to take a bottle. I put the nipple to her lip and she gags like I'm force feeding her spinach she's so dramatic. 

• I have started Baby Sign Language.
 I show her the sign for 'milk' and say milk. I think she understands because she starts drooling, her tongue is going in and out like crazy and she kicks her legs like a gazelle and she stares at my breasts. Go Go Gadget Milk. Hopefully in time she can pick up the sign language. 

•She's still sleeping through the night like a champ. She sleeps from 11:30pm-6:00am breastfeeds for 30 mins and goes back to sleep until 11-11:30am. She is the best sleeper. 

•She's still napping throughout the day. She takes 5 naps and they usually last 1-3 hours. I always make sure to sleep for 3 out of those 5 naps. Her longest nap is always in the afternoon it lasts about 3 hours and I love it because I can do stuff around the house and squeeze in a mini nap before my husband gets home from work. Sometimes he finds us sleeping at 6pm and he comes home and naps with us :) 

•She has started grabbing toys that hang above her. She use to swat at them last month it was so cute, she's also grasping toys very well. Very strong grip. 

•We joined three Mommy and Me groups and I love it!! It is so nice to get out of the house. She usually sleeps through the morning coffee dates, but she loves the park play dates and music classes the best, once they are done she is out and falls asleep. 

•She loves shoving her whole hand in her mouth. Sometimes she uses two hands and the drool is everywhere!! 

• She finally laughed it was so cute. It made my heart melt. It was the cutest giggle ever. She laughs from her belly and her chubby belly moves when she giggles haha. I had sneezed and that made her crack up. Play a Peek-a-boo and this chick won't even crack a smile. Say "achoo" and she's cracking up like she heard a funny joke. 

She is growing so fast and I am enjoying every stage!! 

 Holding a maraca during music class. 

She was looking right at Ava and putting the toy right by her nose. 
Then when Ava tried to grab Sophie, Vida pulled it by her face. It was so funny. My dogs will not quit until that toy is theirs. 

Here is a picture of us at the Disney Store. My mom spoiled Vida like you have no idea that day! 

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