4 Months


WTH is this?

I'm going to eat it!


We finally moved Vida to her own room, It was harder on me then her. I placed her in her crib half awake and she fell asleep on her own, I wanted to stand there over her crib watching her all night of course my husband didn't let me. 
I didn't sleep a wink that night. I was staring at the monitor the whole time, I kept hearing her cry for some reason. I put her to sleep around 11:30pm and she woke up at 6:00am smiling and singing in her crib completely unphased that she was in a strange room. I thought she would wake up screaming because it wasn't the room she was use to waking up too. I ran to her room the moment I heard her, I picked her up and kissed her all over I missed her so much. I fed her and she went back to sleep until 9:00am.
I finally got a little sleep after that. 

We took her to her first Miami Dolphin game my husband is a big Dolphin Fan. So of course I had to dress her up in her Dolphin gear she looked so darn cute. It was extremely hot that day she ended up just wearing the onesie at the game. 

  I gave the Bumbo a try, she likes it for a whole 10 seconds and then screamed her head off. Thank God I got this from a Consignment Shop for 20 bucks, I couldn't imagine paying full price for the seat and tray. She loved eating the tray...or maybe she liked how the tray tasted after I cleaned it haha. Her chubby thighs hardly fit in that I feel so bad putting her in there for more than 5 minutes. I can't even buckle her in her big belly is in the way. 

We took her to my husband's family day picnic for work and it was at a water park I was excited because I had been waiting to take her swimming forever and something always came up. I took her in the water she hated it! She screamed when I placed her feet in the water. It was colder than her bath so I think she didn't like it, I was very disappointed.  I love swimming and she can't be that kid that hates water I will die. I live for the beach and pool she has to love it too she is a Miami baby!  She enjoys bath time... so I won't give up. I will keep trying. 

She rolled over in her crib she went back to side then out of nowhere to her front. I was able to record it from the monitor. I couldn't believe how easy she made it look. I was a very proud mom that night. 

V also had her first trip to the Pumpkin Patch! Holidays are so much more fun with kids. I loved dressing her up in her little Halloween outfit. 

My favorite Pumpkin

  It was Thanksgiving in Canada, so I made sure to get a cute photo of her in her Turkey onesie for my parents!! She is wearing a little feather crown I made her :

My Little Turkey!

I tried the pool one more time this week while my brother was visitng from Canada and she...LOVED IT!! She cried when I took her out.
She tried to grab the water and laughed when my brother did cannon balls into the pool and a little water splashed on her.  I'm so glad my little Mermaid loves the pool can't wait to take her to the beach when she is a little older. 

Swimming in a pool in October? Yes, in sticky 96 degree weather

Poking Oso in the eye! lol

Vida is grabbing toys,holding on to books, and grabbing anything within her reach. She laughs hysterically when you fake cough. Cough for real and she stares at you like you are crazy. 
She babbles soooo much I swear she is having a conversation with herself. She loves her dogs, she squeals with excitement when they get close to her and lick her. She grabs their ears and tries to eat them. I am loving every stage but I want everything to slow down.That is why I take pictures and video of every thing she does...small or big! 

Looking forward to dressing her up in her costume and taking her  Trick or Treating in other words eating ALL her candy :)

I leave you with more Pumpkin Patch photos.

I want to eat her up!
Daddy is under her spell

Are you excited for Halloween? 
I seriously cannot wait! :)


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