5 Months



5 months already? are you kidding me? Vida is growing so fast. bittersweet indeed.

She finally rolled over from back to front while in her crib, she was crying and then she stopped suddenly, I grabbed the monitor and there she was on her tummy with her face down. I of course panicked and ran to her room, as I was running to her room I saw her flip back to her back. I decided to watch her in the camera and see if she rolled again. She did!! and I was able to record her with my phone. I was so proud of her.

The first time I took her swimming she hated it.I tried again at the beginning of October while my brother was visiting us from Canada...she loved it!!! She actually cried when I took her out. I knew with time she would come to love the water...like her mama!! :)

She of course had her first trip to the Pumpkin Patch. She loved it...I loved it too
We love Pumpkins!

I finally gave in and purchased an Exersaucer. I hate these things for how ugly,bulky and brightly colored they are. Oh my gosh, but she loves this so much that it doesn't matter how badly it clashes with my decor or my red Mexican tile ha! 
I knew I had to get the Ocean theme one because I love the beach,water,mermaids and sea life. I found this one online at Target for 70 dollars but decided to try some local Facebook Consignment shops and see if I could find it there much cheaper...and I did!!! I was so excited. I brought it home,cleaned it very well and my husband popped her in and she was so excited she started screaming out of excitement. It was hilarious. Seeing my baby happy gives me so much joy :) Of course her brother Oso had to inspect all the toys, he was mad they didn't come off so he could take it and play with it.

We changed the bassinet to her big girl seat on her stroller today. She loved it! She looks so big here.

Vida had her first trip to Miami Seaquarium. She loved the dolphin show,she was laughing when she got splashed by them. The Sea Lions captured her attention for the whole 20 minutes I was impressed. Now to take one home to entertain her while I shower.Hmmmm. 
 She loved the huge aquarium, she was watching the fish so closely. We all had a blast.

Watching the Sea Lions,her face says it all!!!!

We all wore aqua shirts and tan pants. She got so hot I had to take hers off

The Dolphin swam by and gave us a little splash

V and her daddy by the Alligators and Iguanas

Sea Lion show

Vida is trying to Find Nemo

Not Tilikum but close enough.

The Slasher, his name is Sundance :)

Here comes the Dolphin, Vida watch out!!

We missed the Orca show due to a huge storm that passed through we ended up getting soaked and went home instead but it was a great little trip, no doubt about it.
I can't believe Thanksgiving is around the corner and Vida's first Christmas is coming up...this is insane.
Now I have to go plan a mini 1/2 Birthday for my baby girl. Yea, I know I'm a crazy mom!!!


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