Caramel/Fudge Apple Spice


Here is my copy cat recipe for the popular Starbucks drink. 

What you'll need;
-Apple Juice 
-Whip Cream
-Caramel sauce or Fudge 
-A festive straw!!!! :) 

Boil your apple juice with 1tps of cinnamon or more if you want. 

Add the caramel or fudge to the bottom of your mug. Add a little whipped cream. 

Pour the boiled apple juice and cinnamon into your mug and mix with a spoon. 

Add a good amount (a lot) of whipped cream on top and drizzle your caramel or fudge on the whip cream. 

Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top, add your straw and enjoy!!!!!

So delicious. 

I'm not a big fan of caramel I prefer chocolate :) but both taste very good. 

Even your house will smell delicious. 

Happy Thursday!! :)



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