Thanksgiving is right around the corner!!!!

Last year I hosted dinner for 22 people. It was a mad house. Not only were there 22 adults we also had 16 kids.
I had invited Marine Corps Families,co-workers and  new friends we have made in Florida. It was a lot of work but totally worth it. I made two large turkeys,a delicious punch and a cheesecake Trifle. Clean up was a cinch! When you have 10 women cleaning, the job gets done fast...maybe the whole multiple/sister wives isn't such a bad idea after all. HA!
This year I am hosting dinner for our two close friends. With my husband's new work schedule going to Tampa to visit his family wasn't going to work out, so we decided to do a nice quiet dinner at home with our friends and watch movies in our comfy/stretchy clothes. Nice and relaxing! 

I am even putting together a huge Waffle Bar for dessert. Don't feel like Cheesecake Trifle or pumpkin Pie this year for some odd reason. 

Here is our menu for Thanksgiving

*Organic Turkey from WholeFoods 
*Mashed Potatoes made with a little cream cheese (makes it nice and creamy)
*Turkey Gravy 
*Peas & Corn
*Green Bean Casserole
*Hawaiian Bread Rolls  
*Strawberry Ice Cream Punch,sodas,water,beer

*Waffle Bar for Dessert!!!
Maybe some Pumpkin Pie :)

I am so hungry for all that right now. 
I also should mention that I make the juiciest turkey! A dear friend shared a very cool trick with me when it comes to making a turkey.
COOK UPSIDE DOWN in the pan so all the juices run inside and stay inside. 

The first time I made it everyone said.. "I never knew Turkey could taste like this,I thought Turkey was suppose to be dry" 

Ever since then I have made my Turkey the night before and cooked it upside down in the pan. It is the only way I will do it from now.

For centerpieces I have decided to to use a large pumpkin and small pumpkins I have left over from Halloween. I also want to make place cards. I was thinking of doing this:

It is a preschool craft, but it looks so cute. I am thinking of filling it with candy and adding the names to the front with letter stickers.

I recently found this antique highchair, I may use it for Vida. She won't be eating but I do want her at the table with us.
I may tie some orange and brown balloons to the HC

I am still working the details of my Waffle Bar, so of course I have been pinning like crazy.
You can follow my Waffle Bar Board  Here

I hope you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving. Please think of those who won't be able to be home for the Holidays.

Don't forget to donate non-perishable items to your local food bank.
Let's give thanks for the wonderful things we have in our lives and give to those who don't have very much.

God Bless!


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