Vida's First Halloween

October was full of fun festive activities I couldn't stop taking photos of my little girl. I have become obsessed.  We had her cousin Anaya come to visit for the weekend we went to three pumpkin patches, a Halloween party and took endless photos of the girls together. 

I was so excited on Halloween Eve, my stomach had butterflies...because her costume wasn't done yet. It needed some tweaking...OK, lots of tweaking...OK, it wasn't even close to being finished.
But it was a lot of fun making our costumes for her first Halloween.

October was full of FUN!!!

She had weekly Halloween outfits and bows
My Pumpkin Pie

A little pumpkin for a little pumpkin

Kitty Outfit 
Halloween party
Baking some spooky cookies
Are they cousins or what? :)

With my sister in law at the Pumpkin Patch with our girls
I love MUD PIE clothing!!!!

She had a blast at her  music class Halloween Party

We had a little Halloween Starbucks Breakfast date with friends

I knew for V's first Halloween I had to do a matching theme costume. I knew I would have to carry her and I wanted to dress up as well. I decided to do a Disney theme costume of course!!!
So here is Pocahontas and Meeko...

Both of our costumes were DIY!!!

For my dress and "fringe" I went to Goodwill and found a brown dress and a tan colored shirt. I cut the sleeve on one side of the dress, cut the tan shirt into strips and made the fringe. I glued everything, I cannot sew to save my life. I already had the aqua necklace so that worked perfectly. For the red tattoo on my arm I used red felt. I flat ironed my hair it went frizzy in the Miami heat within 10 seconds of being outside. So annoying!

For her costume, I bought a black and grey hoodie I found for 2 dollars at Target, when I saw it I was like SCORE!! She already had the leggings. I made the mask out of felt. The ears and tail were from a friend's Halloween costume from last year I cut off the ears and glued them to her hoodie, I pinned the tail to her sweater. She looked so cute in her Meeko costume I want her to wear it everyday.

Baby Raccoon with her daddy

We had a wonderful time Trick or Treating she lasted about an hour. I am loving all the Halloween photos my friends have posted on Facebook. I will upload her Halloween chalkboard photo and Pumpkin butt photo tomorrow, this mom is exhausted. 
My bedroom is a huge mess from getting ready tonight you could swear I was getting Vida ready for the prom. 

Baby is fast asleep so this mama is enjoying her hot chocolate in her Boo mug,watching old re-runs of Friends while eating V's candy! 

I hope you all had fun tonight!


P.s- Christmas is almost here!!!!


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