January 8, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy 2014

We want to wish you a wonderful,happy and beautiful 2014.

A little dark and blurry but here is a picture of Vida celebrating her first New Years with her first Sparkler.

She wanted to touch it :)
My mom made a delicious Turkey dinner for New Years and for dessert we had Cream Puffs and Cocoa-Cola Floats. (just like a Root-Beer float minus the Root-Beer)

Vida fell asleep at 10pm poor thing couldn't stay awake much longer than that, we put her to bed and she was out within seconds. She even slept though fireworks and dogs barking all night.

Setting up for dinner

With my wonderful parents

 Uncle Jordan and his baby niece.
I will take these two with extra whip cream and a cherry on top!


Love: A & V

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