January 7, 2014

Vida's 1st Very Merry Christmas

Vida wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas

 We had a very late start on Christmas Day. 
We had a waffle and hot chocolate breakfast at 1:30pm.
Everyone woke up late...we did have a late Christmas Eve after all.
I think we saw Santa fly over Alligator Alley :)

 Vida opened our present at home. A set of Sensory toys. She loved the wrapping more.
 She opened presents from her Grandparents
 ...and presents her Uncles in Canada sent her
Grandma got her a snowman book...she had a lot of fun turning the pages.

The rest of the day we spent being lazy in our Christmas jammies, we watched Christmas Movies and ate delicious left overs :)
It was a wonderful Christmas...I did miss having snow, maybe next year!

Can I please leave all the beautiful wrapping paper and gift bags under the tree all year round?

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas.

Love: A&V

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