7 Months


Vida turned 7 Months on Christmas Eve!

This month has been CRAZY!!!! Here are some of her stats.

 7 Months
She has learned to clap and does it non stop. She claps when we play music in the car, or when we sing to her. It is sooooo stinking cute.

She is still wearing 6 month clothing and I think she will be fitting into size 2 diapers soon. 

Her shoe size is 2 and she still manages to lose one or two whenever we go out.
She sat in the shopping cart the week before Christmas she got so many friendly hellos from sweet old ladies.

She eats very little, I give her a tbs of either peas,carrots or apple sauce a week. She won't eat everyday as I thought she would, she still prefers the boob.

She is sitting up on her own and doesn't topple over. I still don't leave her alone while sitting just in case the dogs bump her or she tries to reach for a toy.

 Vida celebrated her first Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years. 
In one word...it was magical!!!!
 I loved having my parents here to celebrate for two whole weeks. I was so happy they could share this holiday season with their granddaughter.

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