8 Months


I cannot believe my little girl is 8 MONTHS!!!!
Why are the days and months flying by??

Her personality is changing everyday, she is a little person now and knows how to make us laugh and can turn to a crazy child in a split second. 
When you take something from her she throws herself back and starts crying...with no tears of course and within seconds she forgets about it. 

She does do cute things, of course. She loves to give kisses when we say "besitos" she goes for a huge open mouth kiss right on the lips. She even gives little kisses to her friends. Her dad has mini heart attacks but I still think it is cute!!!
Kisses for Kyle

She is enjoying Music Together Class more this semester. Now that she can sit up nicely she is able to clap for all the songs and play with the instruments. 

Playing the guitar so nicely

She loves the Rhythm Sticks

Egg Shakers are so fun!

We recently bought her a Walker, she hasn't quite figured out how to go forward yet, but she goes backwards and is so fast!! 
Watching The Little Mermaid

We had some beautiful cool weather here lately and we took full advantage of it.
We went on daily afternoon walks, I bundled her up in her stroller and finally got to put on cute sweaters and hats on her.

It was so nice getting out of the house and not sweating!

I wish it was snowing....

Hoodie Baby!!

...Then the hot weather came back, but we did have a beautiful breeze that lasted about a week. We enjoyed playing in the backyard.
 Her little tongue! 

Some of Vida's favorite things are her wooden blocks, she loves throwing them at the dogs. She has really good aim. The dogs pick them up and bring them to her and sometimes they chew them up which drives me crazy.

She loves spitting her water everywhere when she drinks from her Sippy Cup she makes a huge mess but it is so cute!!

She loves being read and sang too, her daddy makes up songs and she somehow ends up falling asleep in his arms...the song lyrics he makes up crack me up. 

She loves playing "ZoomZoom" or "Airplane" my husband holds her and flies all over the house the giggles are just too much I feel like my ovaries may explode.

She loves her Organic baby food I make her but eats very little...the boobs are two of her favorite things :) 

She is in 6 Month clothing, can fit in 6-9 but fits a little big.
Her size 2 shoes are getting tight and socks still fall off her skinny feet.

She enjoys bath time a lot!!! I am sure if we let her she would stay in there for hours.

Looking Forward to her first Valentine's Day Baby Party on Friday and her first Canvas Painting Play-Date on Wednesday. We were both sick with colds this last week I cannot wait to get out of the house and maybe grab a little Starbucks and socialize with my mommy group friends. 

Well I am off to finish 60 Valentines for Vida's friends and family. 
Anyone else getting ready for Valentine's Day?

Have a great week everyone!! 

Stop growing so fast!!


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