Valentine's Day Favorites

 Vida's first Valentine's Day is right around the corner!!! This will definitely be the highlight of my week.
I keep every card I receive...above are cards my husband and I give each other each year, the other cards are from the kid's I use to nanny for.

I used Baker's Twine and clips to make this easy Valentine card garland

 I try to keep my V-day decor nice and simple. I bought this frame last year on Clearance at Target and just added red straws to a mason jar to make the kitchen more festive.

A little LOVE when you walk in...

 I created a Valentine's Day Sensory Basket for V. I filled it with pink and red fabric,a container full of pearls,a picture of me and my husband,a pink foam heart,a brown paper bag,and a zip-lock bag full of red and pink glitter hearts.  
She loves going through her basket she loves all the textures and sounds.
If you do make one, make sure to be extra careful.

 On Friday Vida has her very first Valentine's Day party and card exchange. My amazing Mom Group is putting this party together. I made this envelope out of felt for the party so we can fill it with her Valentine cards.
We got new Valentine's Day books my favorite is the Valentine Cats she loves when you read to her she gets comfy in your lap and lays her head back on your shoulder, when you turn the page she will get up and help you turn the page and lay her head back down. It is seriously the cutest thing ever!!

 For our Valentine's Day party on Friday I am making "Nutella Cream Pie" in these cute little heart shaped pans. Here is the recipe  it looks so good I want to lick the screen. 

I am also making a delicious 'Mocha Coconut Frappuccino' Here is the LINK.
doesn't it look sooooo good?!
I can't wait to stuff my face with sweets on Friday!!! 

 Here is a little preview of Vida's Valentine's Day Card.
These are going to be printed and attached to a little baggie of Teddy Bear Grams for her friends.

 For my Mama friends I decided to make a little gift using the EOS Lip Balm which I seriously cannot get enough of. I also love that they are USDA Organic!!! LOVE!!!

For this gift you need: A paper straw,EOS Lip Balm,plastic candy baggie, Washi tape or regular tape.

  • Wrap the EOS Lip Balm and straw in the baggie
  • twist firmly until the straw and lip balm are touching and are secure
  • tie the baggie at the base of the Lip Balm with tape until secure
  • Add a festive tag and you're done! 
 It should look like a big red lollipop!!!

Time for a little GIVEAWAY!!!

Enter below to win a free EOS Lip Balm.
Winner will be announced on Sunday!

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Thank You and GOOD LUCK!

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This post is not sponsored by EOS.  However, all opinions are my own.


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