Vida's Mermaid Nursery

I am so excited to finally share Vida's Mermaid nursery.
This took forever to finish...but it got done!

When I found out I was having a girl I knew right away that I wanted a Little Mermaid Baby Shower, Nursery and Maternity Shoot.
 I am obsessed with the The Little Mermaid ever since I was a little girl and my daughter has no choice but to be a Ariel fan as well!!!


 Here is the view from the door.
The crochet blanket was a gift from her Great Aunt
It is so soft I sometimes use it myself :) 

 Crib Sheet and Skirt: Target Clearance 

The moment I saw these Blue Ombre Panels at Target I knew I had to have them for her nursery. They remind me of the ocean and they make the room feel so calm and peaceful.
 We decided to remove the accordion style closet doors so we could create more space. 

I love the light in this room!!!
The Shaggy Rag Rug was purchased at Marshalls for 20 bucks
Here is a similar one at BuyBuyBaby 

 My sweet friend Sheri made this Mermaid Mobile for Vida!!
When I saw it I literally cried. 

 The details can take your breath away 

 Isn't it stunning?! Look at the pearls!! 

 She used real seashells

 Vida loves watching it when she is laying in her crib, when the AC turns on, the air moves it ever so slightly it looks like the mermaid is swimming. 

 Can you see Ariel?

It is so perfect!! Thank you Sheri for making this beautiful l gift for Vida we will treasure it forever. 

 For her name we decided to lightly spray paint wooden letters from AC Moore, now that I see them in pictures I may paint them a little brighter.

This is the view from the window.

Her dresser was found on Craigslist! Score!

 Changing pad was a gift from a friend I forget the brand.

 No Mermaid room would be complete with the best and cutest anchor diapers from
 The Honest Company
They should come out with a mermaid, seahorse and palm tree prints for the summer!!! 

I bought this glass cloche at TJ Maxx I fill it with her little treasures.
We will fill it with seashells she finds on her first trip to the beach.  

 The starfish frame was a wedding gift. 
Look at my belly at 33 weeks!! 

 I bought this Ariel figurine at Disney World in 2005. Never thought it would someday be in my baby's nursery!! 

 A little Ariel comb I found at the Disney Store

Tray was found at Goodwill, I painted it and added scrapbook paper to the tray part.
The grey lamp is from Wal Mart.
My little girl's ultrasound picture is in the back. 

We used the Ikea Ribba Ledge to hang over her dresser 

Of course she had to be a mermaid at her Newborn Photoshoot
The Crochet tail and bikini top can be found on Etsy.

The cute little Ariel doll is from House of Iris Gift Shop on Etsy 

The inspiration for this room. 
My mom has saved this picture move after move and even salvaged it when it got wet. 
I love this so much and I am so glad it is in my daughter's room. 

 My sweet friend made this card for Vida, it is seriously the cutest thing ever!!

 The letter 'V" was made from a wooden letter, glitter and Mod Podge. Spray a little hairspray when it is dry to keep the glitter from falling off. 
We used it in as a prop at our Maternity Shoot 

KristinZKreations made this mermaid printable for Vida she also made her  
Birth Announcements and invitations for my Mermaid Baby Shower and Paris Brunch Baby Shower

 This banner was also used at our Maternity Shoot it is now hung right outside her bedroom door.

  I made this "Beachy mermaid" flower for my maternity belly sash.
I hung it on the diaper basket.
Basket is from TJ Maxx

 Dresser details

 I love the "wave" style it has

If you look closely there are seashells in the design. LOVE!!  

 My favorite little corner.
(one little starfish is missing)

Oeko Glider similar Here 

Since the room lets in a lot of light we had to buy a blackout shade.
I also got this white ruffle curtain to cover the shade you can find a similar one here

We used two small IKEA Ribba Ledge for her books.
Books were gifts and I'm sure can be found on Amazon.

 My friend made this cute sign for my Storybook Baby Shower
it fit so well on her book shelf. 

 Sebastian just hanging out! 

Another view of her closet. 
The sign over her crib was given to Vida my our sweet friends, they went on a trip to Costa Rica and they saw it and they knew Vida had to have it. They said that "PURA VIDA" is a common phrase there, it translates to Pure Life!

 Hello Ariel!!! 

 Her little seahorse peeking through the basket!

Chalkboard basket can be found Here

 My little mermaid with her little mermaid 

Thank you for stopping by and taking a little look around Vida's nursery!!

Acsa & Vida 


  1. OMG I love the nursery!!! That dresser is to die for =)

  2. Oh my goodness, her room is so precious!! That mobile is just stunning! What a sincere and memorable gift. SHe will cherish that forever! YOu did a great job decorating. Love the soft blues and touches of mermaid. It is gorgeous!!

  3. I'm sitting in the hospital on day 2 of labor and desperately seeking a mermaid mobile. Yours is so stunning it made me cry!!! My daughter will have downs and hydrocephalus. I'm looking for beautiful pieces to stimulate her. If your friend is selling her work please have her contact me at

    1. Hello!! I'm just getting this. I can ask her and I will email you back. How are you doing?


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