March 30, 2014

10 Months

I am this many!!! 
TEN MONTHS!! Holy Moly the BIG ONE is just around the corner!!!!! How is my little baby ten months already? I am loving every stage but I am definitely going to cry like a little baby on her birthday.
She is finally crawling...well backwards crawling that is she moves quick too. She is doing this new thing where I go to sit her down and she flexes her leg so they don't bend and she refuses to sit down. So annoying!!!

She says mama in the morning when she sees me but I think it's because I say "Good Morning Mama" so she is just repeating MAMA....but I will take it. The rest of the day all I hear is "Dada" the phone rings and she yells "Dada" she is definitely daddy's little girl. 

She loves her walker now, she moves so fast in that thing. The dogs run for their lives when they see her coming. She has run over their paws a few times...poor things.

She finally cut her first tooth...all she got was very red cheeks and I need to crying, no screaming, no waking in the middle night...she was her normal happy self. Let's hope the rest come in nice and easy.

She also has learned to open the dog's kennels. She lifts the latch and then with one swift motion opens it. The dogs of course are happy! I got it on video!!! My little troublemaker. I have a feeling when Vida is older I will find Vida standing on Oso's back going through the pantry in search of cookies. 

She is in size 9-12 clothing and even some 12 Months!!
and next month we ordered the size 4 in the Honest Co Diapers.

We are down to one little meal a day, usually dinner. She eats about 3oz of food and she knows how to use her sippy cup! Only water for now and she loves it.  

We celebrated our first Saint Patrick's Day we had a fun play date at the park with my Mommy Group and created a cute shamrock art project with their feet dipped in green paint.

Here are a few of the kiddos

Things we looking forward to in April:
-EASTER...Church, Egg Hunts,photo shoots,candy, Easter Dress shopping etc
-Lots of birthday parties for our friend's
-and a lot of party planning for Vida's CONFETTI themed 1st birthday

Have a great weekend!! 
-Acsa & Vida

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  1. Hi, I saw your webpage because of a comment you posted on one of the girls on instagram. You have a beautiful baby is beautiful God Bless Her.


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