March 15, 2014

Shamrock Legging DIY

DIY Leggings
I love buying festive clothes for holidays but it can get pricey, so for Saint Patrick's Day I decided to make Vida some cute shamrock leggings.

       I was so not prepared to make this as I thought.
 I really did think I had white leggings somewhere in Vida's dresser I must of have dreamnt that, I also used paint I had in my craft supplies I decided not to buy fabric paint. 
(this paint is a little stinky, so I let the painted leggings air out outside for a few hours)

Oh yeah, we are getting FESTIVE up in here!!!!!

-Green Paint
-Leggings or in my case white panty hose 
-Foam Shamrock
-Paint brush
-The cardboard insert that comes with the panty hose (optional) 


 Paint the shamrock with a paint brush and use it like it were a stamp.
Use cardboard so the paint doesn't bleed unto the other side.

  If you have some spots that didn't fill with paint just fill with the paint brush or Q-tip.

 Continue until your leggings are all covered in shamrocks!!

 I even added two big shamrocks on the bootie part! 

Cut off the toe part and voila...Festive Leggings.

 Photoshoot Time!!

 Love her little Cherry diaper peeking out...
My little part Irish Princess!

The possibilities are endless for this can use any shape :)

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