April 25, 2014

11 Months

My baby girl is 11 months....
 that means she will be one in a MONTH!!! I need to soak up all these precious moments 
 these last 30 days.

Vida has one bottom tooth and the next one is coming up right next to it,
we haven't had horrible sleepless nights...just yet, but she has
woken up screaming a few times in the middle of the night but I am not sure if it her teeth or a nightmare? I breastfeed her and she quickly passes out.
A few weeks after she turned 10 Months she figured out how to crawl foward...now there is no stopping her. I use to leave her on my bed with toys while I changed and she didn't move a muscle, now she scurries so fast to the edge of the bed which gives me a mini heart attack. So now I get ready while she is in her bouncer, she watches me as I do my make up and it makes me smile. 
I put EOS organic chap stick on and then I put some on her and she'll smack her lips together like I do, she's so funny.  

She says "NO" but not sure if she knows what it means, but she seems to say it when we grab her from getting to close to the outlets and pulling the covers off...doesn't she know we don't want her to get shocked? HA! 

A few days ago she said "Hello" when the cashier at Target said hello to her, I almost started crying...I won't count it as a word until she says it again. We've tried but nothing yet.
She is in 12 month clothing and fits perfectly
some Baby Gap still fits big but she will get to wear it longer.
Still in size four diapers
We are still doing one meal a day, she eats organic beans or some kind of organic homemade meat and veggies at dinner. I've been giving her some food from my plate and she loves whatever we are eating. 
I still want to continue breastfeeding so I am only sticking to one meal a day. I don't like snacks so I don't do them. If she is hungry I rather give her breast milk than crackers, cookies or puffs.  

She only drinks water or breastmilk...no juice for a while!! 
It is so unnecessary, I see kids drinking juice boxes at 10 months and it makes me cringe.

She celebrated her first Easter I even rented some chicks for some photo shoots, I was so excited to show her the chicks...she on the other hand didn't show any emotion lol.
 she could careless...

 she almost seemed annoyed at them...like a tired mom who keeps cleaning up after her kids
"I can't take this crap anymore" 

 My big girl on the swing with her Dada she was so happy that day I had to snap this photo.
These are just moments I cherish and photos I treasure

 This is Vida at Daggerwing Nature Reserve in Boca for a birthday party we were invited too. Her social calendar is intense...parties every weekend and on Saturday she has two! 
Oh Lord help me!!

Vida loves instruments. her Dada got her a Xylophone and she was in heaven. 
This keeps her entertained for hours!! 
She makes beautiful music.

We are looking forward to:
- Celebrating Mother's Day
-Our Mommy and Me Mother's Day photoshoot
-Her first Birthday party
-Celebrating our first anniversary of being first time parents. (can't believe it)

I can't believe my baby will ONE for my next update. :( So not ready.

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