May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

 I want to wish you all a very Happy Mother's Day!
I hope your day was full of love, laughter,snuggles and relaxation.

My first Mother's Day was beautiful!

On Saturday, my Mommy Group had their first Mother's Day Event at a local spa. 
We all got manis and pedis, my toes were in desperate need of TLC. I can sadly say that it has been over a year since I have had my toes done...yikes!!

 We went to  Living Waters Day Spa & Salon  in Pembroke Pines, Florida
The staff had set up a beautiful table full of pastries and goodies for all moms to enjoy before and after their beauty services. There were about 12 of us there and they were so accommodating with our large group, we all got our services done around the same time and the staff was sweet and made the experience a very relaxing one. They also offer complimentary drinks and I chose a delicious Cappuccino, which was DIVINE!!!!! 

We were very lucky to enjoy their new spa chairs...let me tell you something, I have never sat in anything so comfy in my life. If you are ever in the area make sure to stop by and pay them a visit...their facials are worth every penny, I had one done when I was 14 weeks pregnant and the girl had done such an amazing job, I fell asleep.
Feeling so pampered!

During the week I decided to put together a little TeePee and do a mini Mother's Day photo shoot in our backyard. I made the flower crowns for me and V, and my hubby snapped a few photos of us. Since this was my First Mother's Day and Vida's last first holiday I wanted to capture some photos of us to cherish forever! 

This song has so much meaning for me now!

Love those cheeks!!! 

On Sunday we headed to Butterfly World in Coconut Creek

We had so much fun watching the butterflies fly throughout the garden it was a very beautiful experience. Vida tried so hard to grab them which was scary but thank God no butterflies were harmed!
I think she is a Disney Princess...the butterflies loved getting close to her

She was very gentle

with her Dada!
I can't put into words how much I love this girl!

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at a local Peruvian restaurant.
No line and no waiting was perfect since all three of us were starving. 

 After we headed to Flutters Ice cream and Desserts Shop for some ice cream. 
I had a huge Banana Split with Heavenly Hash Ice Cream, I didn't get a photo because I didn't want to wait a second  to eat it hahaha. 
I ate that like it was my job!! 

They had these cute butterfly chairs outside the shop 
It is definitely a cute place to check out!

My hubby spoiled me with an extra long nap,a box of my favorite chocolates, a cute card with butterflies on it (sensing a theme for the day here) and a trip to the salon which I am going to use next week...mama needs a haircut and hair treatment! 
Vida gave me a cute hand print canvas which is the cutest thing ever.

Since my mom lives in Canada, I decided to send her a box of 
cupcakes from a friend who owns her own little shop. 
She made a batch of Dulce de Leche and Coconut Chocolate and hand delivered them to my mom. My parents said they were so delicious they refused to share with my brothers. 
I sent her Frozen (our favorite movie) and a Mother's Day card from us and from Vida. I am so lucky to call her my mom, she is my best friend and the best Grandma ever!!!

I hope you all enjoyed your day today.
Because of my daughter, this day holds so much more meaning for me, she has taught me so much and I am forever thankful God chose me to her mom.

Because the day I became yours, you became mine. -Carters Commercial



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