July 28, 2014

Summer 2014

So far summer in Georgia, has been extremely hot and sticky. 
Even though we are eight hours from Miami, the heat is so different. 
The heat kinda sticks to your skin and we are nowhere near the beach. I miss the beach.
Georgia, is our home now and I always look for the best in everything. 
Before we moved here I googled stuff to do in the Leesburg/ Albany area and made Vida a mini summer bucket list, I know she's little and doesn't understand what it is, but this girl loves to have fun and I love to have fun with her. 
In the morning when I'm getting her dressed, I tell her we are going to play with friends and she grabs her shoes and runs to the door  like she knows exactly what I am saying. 
Maybe she does?

So far on our bucket list we have made delicious homemade popsicles. 
I pureed watermelon and strawberries together with a little honey
 and froze that in popsicle molds. 
So refreshing in this heat. 

Here in Ga, they have a cute little Zoo called Chehaw Zoo.
 It's tiny compared to the Miami Zoo and the Toronto Zoo where I have been 
but still so much fun
Chehaw has a cute mini petting zoo

We have been to the Planetarium a lot this summer!!! 
We walk around the museum and then head over to the 
Planetarium when the show starts. 

The River-Aquarium is our go to place when it is way too hot outside and I want Vida to run around to let some energy out. 
I love how the fish tanks are lower to the ground so kids can walk right up 
to the tanks and peek inside. 
Her favorite is the tank with all the Coral Reef fish, 
or in her mind all the 'Finding Nemo' characters. 


When my sister in law and niece came to visit us from Tampa,
 we took the girls to one of the summer movies. 
We watched the Nut Job. Vida fell asleep half way through. 

The SPLASH-PAD is the best water invention ever created!!
 We love going there to cool off after we spend the day running errands. 
She naps so good after a day at the splash pad!

We have been buying summer books from moms who 
sell used and vintage books on Instagram. I am a little addicted to book shopping!

The classics!!
This girl loves ice cube painting. If you haven't tried it yet, you must!
I mixed some water and food coloring in one ice cube mold and fingerpaint in another.
Froze them overnight and the next day I gave her paper and she went to town. It gets messy so make sure you do it outside!!

           And no summer  is complete without a good nap after swimming all day! 

        Have a safe and happy summer 


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