13 Months

Age:13 Months
Stats: 23 lbs and  29.5 inches

Clothes: Wearing size 12-18 month and size 3 shoes

Favorite Foods: blueberries,watermelon,black beans, rice and steak

Favorite Words: NoNo, Apple,Mama,Dada,up and mas.

Favorite things To Do: Playing with her Legos, watching The Little Mermaid and reading books while sitting next to one of the dogs. So cute seeing them together. 

Signature Moves: She is a wobbly walker, but getting better everyday. She loves to shake her head fast when we ask her if she's crazy lol

Mom's Proudest Moment: Watching her flip over one of the dogs and trying to contain myself from screaming so she wouldn't get scared. She got up, saw my face and then cried. I'm sure my facial expression freaked her out.
Dada's Proudest Moment: Going to get her from her nap, she saw him and decided to throw herself back in a tantrum,he grabbed her by her wrist and she still fell back which I think may have caused a little  skin burn. He of course felt horrible. She usually falls on her butt, but in his mind he probably thought she was going to throw herself against the side of the crib.

Fun Trips/activities: First trip to the splash pad was a hit!  

Favorite Book: Good Boy, Carl by Alexandra Day

Sweet Moments: Watching her cuddle the dogs after being out the whole day, she stuffs her face in their necks.

Not So Sweet Moments: The high pitched squeals have got to go!!!!! My ears are ringing as I type this, she squeals when she's happy,sad,frustrated and hungry.

Funny Moments: Vida loves to people watch while out eating at restaurants, she doesn't acknowledge us at all until her plate is empty. Her eyes are glued to the front entrance...she's extremely nosy. Her favorite place to people watch is at Chick-Fil-a! 

Trip to the Planetarium

Playing with Ariel's Castle


People watching at the Cookie Shoppe

Story time at the library

She loves to raise her hand up like this when the Disney music starts
Eating blueberries with her cousin that they picked that day.
Cousins in rompers!

Eating Chicken on Cow Appreciation Day!

Happy 13 months, baby girl!!


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