September 19, 2014

15 Months

     Aug 24 

Hello attitude. Taking photos is becoming more of a challenge now. 15 months or 15? Lol. I promise this dress fits her, she wouldn't let me pull it down. 

Age:15 Months
Stats: 24.6 lbs and  30.3 inches

Clothes: Wearing size 12-18 month and size 4 shoes. I squeezed her in a 9 month onesie I felt like I still had a baby

Favorite Foods: Steak and onions, chicken stew, watermelon. 
Still won't eat banana. 

New Words: tres, down, sucio (Dirty)  sandía (watermelon) agua (water) and fishies. 
Favorite things To do: running away from me as fast as she can, reading books at the library. 

Signature Moves: we ask her to pose like a ballerina and she leans on to us and lifts her leg in a "arabesque" position. My Prima ballerina is headed to the Russian Ballet. 

Fun Trips/activities: trip to a local cookie shoppe and bakery 

Favorite Book: Baby Lit; Alice in Wonderland. She got it in a book exchange and it has become her favorite one. 

Sweet Moments: She loves to cuddle and love on her puppies 

Not So Sweet Moments: She likes to take her bows off and throw them at me in public lol

Funny Moments:She loves to runaway from us after a taking a bath. Chasing a wet naked baby is hilarious. 

The other day I gave her a quick shower because she had a big poop explosion and I let her walk around our bedroom without a diaper. I told myself she can't poop again, there is no way. She was playing and next thing I know she comes running past me and squats next to the toilet and takes a poop on the weight scale we have next to the toilet. She pooped, looked at it said some gibberish and ran away. I went over and there was a little poop. It was so funny how she went and squatted next to the toilet. Maybe potty training will be a breeze? Here's hoping. 

Happy 15 Months, baby girl.

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