November 24, 2014

18 Months


How is my baby girl half way to two already?! Why is time flying by so fast?

Age:18 Months

Stats: 28.4 lbs 

Clothes: Wearing size 18 month and size 4 shoes. 

Favorite Foods: Chicken soup so she can dip her bread in it. 

New Words: "nah" and "Yuck"
Favorite things To do: Painting, drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, and running away from me any chance she gets.  

Signature Moves: getting up from her crib like spring when I lay her down for a nap. So annoying.  

Fun Trips/activities: We went to the pumpkin patch, touch a truck event and the zoo. 

Favorite Book: I Love Fall. 

Sweet Moments: She shared her cookie with me when we went shopping at Publix. She didn't even hesitate. I asked her for a bite and she handed it over but made sure to get it back quick. 

Not So Sweet Moments: Throwing herself back when we are holding her and we need to leave. It's getting crazy. 

Funny Moments: hiding behind the curtains in her bedroom. She giggles when we start calling her name. She gives herself away :) 

Looking Forward To: December Holiday events and Thanksgiving this week! 

Happy 18 months big girl!!
We are going to celebrate with cupcakes tomorrow with her friends. 

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