November 30, 2014

Advent Calendar & Activities

My sweet friend made this gorgeous Stocking Advent Calendar for Vida and
I am so in love with it!  We used all of our fabric scraps to save on buying fabric, we even used little toddler blue jeans, the little blue jean pockets kill me with cuteness.

Inside each mismatched stocking is a little paper snowman with an activity written on it. 
I hung the stockings in her room, so every morning she can help me take out the little snowman and see what we have planned for the day.  
I also hid little treats, mini candy canes, Christmas stickers, short bible verses and little hair bows inside.
I planned all these activities well in advanced, since we have a lot going on in December.
Vida's social calendar is exhausting, we are always on the go.

little snowman in a little pocket!!

Here is the list I made for Vida!

1. Pull out the Christmas decorations and books
2. Make Christmas cards for family & friends
3.Make red and green Play-dough
4.Decorate an ornament at the Clay Spot with friends
5. Watch Elf & drink hot chocolate
6. Christmas Parade & Festival Downtown
7.Christmas mini play at Church
8.Make cards for the Troops
9. Christmas Party at the River Aquarium
10. Picnic lunch under our Christmas tree
11.Decorate cookies with the Mommy Group
12.Visit the train at the mall & buy a new Christmas book
13.Breakfast with Santa
14. Christmas Party at the Zoo with the Mommy Group
15. Visit the Animal Shelter and bring goodies for the animals & employees
16. Picnic at Busy Elves Christmas Tree farm
 17. Make Cinnamon ornaments for the tree
18. Decorate wrapping paper with stickers and paint
19. Donate toys to Toys for Tots
20. Cupcakes with Santa at Smallcakes Cupcakery
21. Deliver cookies to the fire station/ police/mailman/Nursing home etc
22. Visit Daddy at work with coffee and treats
23. Make festive donuts for a fun breakfast
24. Wear Christmas pj's, read the Night Before Christmas, leave cookies out for Santa, carrots for the reindeer and a birthday card for Jesus.
and sleep while visions of sugar plums dance in our heads... :) 

What are some fun activities you have planned for December? 

We finally put up our tree; all of the ornaments are going to the top because of this little monster here lol

Have a very merry week!! :) 

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