December 19, 2014

Christmas Tree Farm | Christmas Fun

I am in love with Christmas Tree Farms in South Georgia. 
I can't believe I have missed this for most of my life.
The smells of the trees is amazing, driving up you can smell the fresh pine scent. 
I hosted a holiday picnic at the tree farm with my mommy group, I brought a sled and we did a mini photoshoot with our kids. The photos came out perfectly. 
You don't even know what we had to do to make sure the kids were all looking in the same direction, we were shaking keys, banging random stuff together, clapping and making weird sounds only a mother could make to get the perfect photo. 

We went to visit Santa, and it didn't go so well, she was terrified. 
When she sees him she says, Santaaaa in a very shaky voice like she's about to cry. 

We rode the train at the local zoo, and it took us around to see the Festival of  Lights. 
We enjoyed hot chocolate and s'mores after. 

         We all had a great time. 

We have learned to steal candy canes off the tree, and we are not too happy when the dog takes it from us...

He breaks off a piece and she then takes the other half. So gross. 

 We made Christmas crafts at the library with our friends. 
   I love how she loves to crafts, just like her mama. 

    We rode the mall train with our friends

We put together a sugar cookie decorating party with the mom group. 
It was such a huge hit for the moms and the kids. 

Our Extra Mini Christmas party with our Minis. 

We visited our local nursing home and handed out gifts to each resident. 
They were so happy to see the kids, itt really did brighten up their day. 

Vida and her friend Joe caught on quick on what to do. They would get a gift from the cart and hand it out. It was so wonderful to see them helping and giving, I was so proud of them.  

We got together with a few friends for a Gingerbread House decorating  play date 
Vida didn't help much, she just ate the toppings. 


We went to the Flint-river Aquarium for their annual Christmas Party. It was very cool to see the aquarium at nighttime since most of their tanks are outdoors they were all dark. 

I hosted a Cookie Swap/ and Ugly Sweater Party with my Mommy Group. It was so delicious and a lot of fun
The Nutella Hot Chocolate Bar
We had prizes for the cookies and for the most
ugliest sweater.
We all had a great time. Vida crashed the party, as you can see.

 Hope you are all having a beautiful December.
 This month has been crazy, but I love crazy. :) 
The countdown is on for Christmas!!!

Any last minute shoppers? Me!! :)

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