December 25, 2014

Princess Christmas Tree

 I just wanted to share Vida's Mini Disney Princess Christmas tree I put up in her room.
I didn't put it up in her room last year since she was so little, so this year, I decided too, and I added a little more Christmas decor in her bedroom. 
Since we are currently renting, I haven't hung much on the walls, I have a feeling we will be relocating to another state with my husband's job soon. So I decided not to drill too many holes in the walls.

 These cute princess ornaments were purchased at the Disney Store when I worked there for the Christmas season. I was able to get a huge discount on them and when you bought 2 you got 1 free!! It was such a good deal.

So here are just a few shots of the tree and her room...

 The Confetti garland I made for her 1st birthday, I decided to use it again on the tree
Princess Tiana is so beautiful

love their little tutus

Her stocking advent calendar

The most gorgeous mermaid stocking ever! You can get one HERE

Thanks for stopping by!! :)

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