February 8, 2015

19 Months


Age:19 Months

Stats: 26.9 lbs 

Clothes: Wearing size 18 month and size 4 shoes. 

Favorite Foods:  cous cous, avocado and sunflower butter 

New Words: "no no" and "Santa"
Favorite things To do:  playing outside with her puppies. 

Signature Moves: throwing her food at the dogs.  They love it

Fun Trips/activities: visiting Santa at the mall, riding the train to see the Christmas lights. 

Favorite Book: Carl's Christmas  

Sweet Moments: We went to the nursing home to hand out socks and lotion to the residents. It was so sweet to see Vida watch what we were all doing and she then got the hang of taking a present from the cart and giving it to an elderly man or woman. It was so heart warming to see her helping. 

Not So Sweet moments crying when sitting on Santa's lap 

Funny Moments:  Every time we turned the lights on the tree she would stop and say wow!! 

Looking Forward to: Christmas Eve and Christmas morning

Happy 19 months big girl!!

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