February 27, 2015

21 Months


Age: 21 months

Stats: 27pds ( tummy virus hit us hard) 

Clothes: Wearing size 18 month shirts and 24 months pants and size 4 shoes

Favorite Foods: soup, chicken salad with crackers
 Favorite Words: Side (outside) 

Favorite things To Do: Loves to play with her princess castle and Disney characters. 

Signature Moves: loves to dance 

Mom's Proudest Moment:  saying "shhh go nigh nigh" to c
rying babies. 

Fun Trips/activities: we hosted our first ️Valentine breakfast and card exchange. 

Favorite Book: Arthur's Valentine 

Sweet Moments: Watching her read books to the dogs 

Not So Sweet Moments: stealing snacks from other kids. 

Funny Moments: When we go out to eat she likes to clap when the waiter comes with our food. She's definitely my daughter. 

Looking Forward To: Disney Jr Live. 

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