April 12, 2015

Strawberry Picking

We had a fun,breezy afternoon at Calhoun Farm in Ashburn, Ga. 
We picked strawberries, tried some organic honey, watched a pig race, took a wagon ride into the forest to visit the animals and had the most delicious strawberry lemonade. 

Gave a fake deer some kisses

We are making strawberry whipped cream with the strawberries we picked. 
My recipe is below. 

Strawberry Whipped Cream 
1cup heavy organic whipping cream
2-4 tablespoons sugar 
Half cup of diced strawberries 

Using an electric egg beater whip the heavy cream until stiff,
add sugar one tbs at a time, you can add more if it is not sweet enough for you. 
 Using the electric egg beater blend the diced strawberries intothe fluffy whipped cream until it turns a light pink. 


Xoxo -Vida & Acsa


  1. My family and I also went strawberry picking and we absolutely loved it! Definitely gonna try your strawberry whipped cream recipe. Yum!

    -Adele ♡ { wildsunsets }

    1. How fun!!! It's the best. Let me know how it comes out. I love the shade of pink the cream turns into. :)


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