May 4, 2015

22 Months


Age: 22 months

Stats: 30 pounds 

Clothes: Wearing size 18 month shirts and 2T pants and size 5 shoes

Favorite Foods: soups, pasta and kiwi 

 Favorite Words: "let go" "I free" "apple"

Favorite things To Do: Loves to color and stick stickers on almost anything 

Signature Moves: running away from us any chance she gets  

Mom's Proudest Moment:  Going down the slide at the park all by herself. 

Fun Trips/activities: we went to see Disney Jr. Live  

Favorite Book: Disney Princess Treasury  

Sweet Moments: Watching her play so sweet with her friends and never fighting back when another child takes a toy from her. She just walks away. 

Not So Sweet Moments: Paying $20 for her seat at Disney Jr just to have her play on the railing and stairs the whole time :/

Funny Moments: Hiding behind the couch and sharing her snacks with the dogs. 
She thinks we can't see her 

Looking Forward To: Our trip to the Horticulture Center

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