May 4, 2015

23 Months


Age: 23 months

Stats: 32 Pds 

Clothes: Wearing size 18 month shirts and 2T pants and size 5 shoes

Favorite Foods: sausage, omelet and Annie's Fruit gummies 
Favorite Words: "no," and "Shrek"

Favorite things To Do: Loves to be outside and smells flowers but never picks them. 

Signature Moves: loves to pretend she's a riding a horse on any thing that could possibly resemble a horse

Mom's Proudest Moment: she put her shoes on by herself after telling her to go get them from her room 

Fun Trips/activities: we visited Callaway Gardens and the Horticultural Centre 

Favorite Book: Carl's Afternoon in the Park  

Sweet Moments: Watching her eat like a little lady with her spoon and fork

Not So Sweet Moments: Cleaning her hands every time they get something on them

Funny Moments: Meeting a cat for the first time and seeing her literally shake with excitement 

Looking Forward To: first trip to DisneyWorld, Vida meeting her Great Grandma and first visit to the beach 

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