May 13, 2015

On Our Way To: Disney World,Florida 

The most magical place on Earth

I hate to admit it, but I had some high expectations on how I wanted Vida's first trip to WDW to be. So I decided to just relax, follow her lead and in the end it worked out perfectly.
And it truly was a magical day 
The cast members were so helpful and made Vida's trip super magical. 

yep, I cried like a baby when Vida saw the castle and said "Princesa" 
she has the play castle at home that's full of all the Disney Princesses, so she recognized the castle pretty quick. 

My eyes started watering and then it all went away when she decided that it would be the perfect time to run away from me in a huge crowd. 
Kid needs a leash lol 

My favorite quote

here are a few shots of our magical day...

My fav picture of my little brother and V

 Dumbo ride

she was a little nervous lol

The train was her favorite. Two little boys sat in front of her and when they turned to say hi to her, she stretched out her hand for them to kiss.
She really is a Disney Princess at heart
"Enchanted Tales with Belle" This is the cutest show and Belle was gorgeous
Vida's favorite ride was "The Voyage of the Little Mermaid"
She calls her "AHHH-AHHH"
ugh, the Paparazzi found us again

almost nap time?

poor thing fell asleep shortly after

 I was so happy my mom, little brother and sister in law were able to share this special occasion with us. My parents have always loved taking me and my three brothers often to Disneyland and Disney World. 
Now that we are in Germany we promised my dad we would take him to Disneyland Paris so he can share that magical place with his Granddaughter since he missed this trip.

Life is pretty magical with these two :)
I of course wore sparkly "glass" slippers
Grandpa sent her Minnie Ears but she didn't like them
Can't get enough of that Mickey Head Bokeh :)

Cinderella's Castle Sparkly hair clippie I made for her
This definitely was the best day of my life, it was everything I thought it would be and more
We love you Princess!! 


  1. Loved this post! So happy you went and got to share a magical day with your family. I think it's awesome that you let go and let her take the lead. I definitely plan on doing that more on our next trip there. There's so much to take in that it's easy to miss out on the important things. Can't wait to see and hear about Disneyland Paris!

    1. I hate being a control freak but it's in my genes hahaha. She was happy and I was too. We had fun wished we went for two days though but it was so last minute. Saving my money for Disney Paris :)

  2. What a great trip. We had a great trip
    Last year. I can't wait for this years trip. I liked how you dressed her up.

    1. Thank you. Yes I found the dress on the Disney costume resell page on Facebook. $14 bucks :) when are you going again?

  3. Love hearing about your trip! Hoping to get Esme there someday! Or even Paris will do! Lots of love from Esme to Vida xx

    1. I hope you can go someday if I ever win the lottery I will take your whole family :) we will have I get together at Disney Paris


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