May 7, 2015

Unicorn Birthday Party

    We celebrated Vida's 2nd birthday a few weeks early due to our big move to Germany.
We decided on a Pink,Gold,Sparkly,Unicorn Party for the theme and It was held at an Equestrian Center near our home in Georgia. 
We had horses, and ponies dressed up as Unicorns. 
Vida has a crazy obsession with horses, and I knew living in the country finding horses was going to be so easy, so it just seemed like the great opportunity to have ponies at her 2nd birthday party.

We served brunch style food for this mid- morning party.
We had bagels,egg bake with veggies and ham,muffins,apple sauce,fruit salad,macaroons,berries, yogurt, cupcakes and a friend made the pancake cake 
with layers of Nutella in the middle. It was sooooo good.
We ate that instead of the traditional birthday cake and I made my own strawberry whipped cream to add to each slice.

Pancake Nutella Cake

French Macarons

glitter was everywhere

no fear!!
I was scared she was going to fall off :/

You would think she has been riding since birth lol
that view :)

then it came time to share the unicorn and she lost her marbles...:(

 So she cried and sat herself down in this chair and literally stared at the kids and just made pouty faces at her friends.
 It broke our hearts in half....but she had to share.

I loved how some of my friends called the pony a "unicorn." They would ask their kids if they wanted to ride the "unicorn"...such a great way to keep the magic alive and to tap into their children's imagination. :)

Her guestbook. A very cute book too. 
It is about a unicorn who believes human girls exist, but everyone tells her they don't. 
So cute and a very happy ending.

No cake for me mom, take me to my unicorn

I'm so happy the rain held off that had been raining for over 7 days.

So happy our sweet friends came to celebrate with V

her love for animals blows me away.

Princess V, got one last chance to ride the pony after her guests left.
She had the longest nap after this party, she was too tired to even open presents.
Party was a success...

Happy 2nd birthday to my best friend. 
You add so much sparkle and magic to our lives, we couldn't imagine life without you. 
May God bless you with many more birthdays and may you be an ambassador for mother nature and protect her and all its creatures forever.
We love you to the moon and back.
Love: Mommy and Dada

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