June 19, 2015

First Haircut at Disney World

Can't believe I forgot to post about V's first haircut. 
We decided to have her first hair cut at Disneyworld, I really thought it was going to cost more than I had thought. 
But for $20 and a cute Mickey ear hat it was totally worth it. 

The cast member who cut her hair was the sweetest lady. 
Literally, giving Vida stickers, toys and blowing bubbles for her 
because Vida was a little scared. 
Vida hates when strangers touch her or talk to her. The lady was trying to brush out her new freshly cut bangs and Vida had her little hand up in protest. 

No touchy, no touchy -Emperor Kuzco 

She cut her hair in less than 3 mins. Home girl wasn't liking it. 
But I'm thankful for a quick cut so we wouldn't have to 
hear the high pitch scream. 
   All the stickers the hairdresser gave her. 

The best shot I got with her Mickey ears. 
They gave her a cute certificate, these ears and her hair wrapped in a cute little bag with confetti. They can also add Pixie Dust to
their hair (glitter gel) something we will do when she's older. 

   Bangs suit her. Thank you Disney World for a magical day. 
A day we won't soon forget. 

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