June 12, 2015

USA to Germany

 We have moved from Georgia to Germany and we are so excited to
 start our new life here. 
It is definitely going to be an amazing adventure.
 Vida did awesome on the 8 hour and 40 min flight. I was so nervous I was going to be the lady with the crazy kid who screamed and kick the whole way, but she didn't cry at all. Also, our seats had tv's and and she was entertained with all the Disney movies they had. 
 Bringing her carseat on the flight was the best thing I did, it kept her seated and not trying to escape into the aisles and she slept much better too. 

We have flown with her before but it was always less than a 3 hour flight and she just slept the whole way in my lap. This time I knew I wanted to bring her car seat for safety and comfort. 

We had our dogs in cargo underneath us on the plane and they barked a few times when we took off and my heart broke into pieces, I know they had to be a little scared.
We all made it safely, thank God and everyone is happy to be on land! 

We landed at 6am and our military sponser picked us up and the dog service dropped the dogs off after they had been checked, walked and fed about 2-3 hours later. We forced ourselves to stay awake for at least 6-8 hours so we had breakfast at the hotel and walked around outside. That was tough,
 all we wanted to do was sleep.

Our gorgeous view of the Rhine at the Hyatt Mainz

Fort Malakoff  that is attached to the hotel

I will be sharing more photos of our adventures here in Germany. 
You can follow me on Instagram @acsaharper and check out my #toddleringermany.
Vida is enjoying every 
moment here and so are we.


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