September 16, 2015

Big Latch On 2015

I was so happy to hear that the Ramstein air force base was hosting their own BLO event. 
It was quite a drive for us, but we ended up spending the whole day at this huge base and making the most out of our trip. This base has two story mall inside, I'm a little bit jelly lol. 

We had so many prizes and a few friends donated items. 
I donated two bows from my shop. 

The Bent Elbow shop donated two lactation cookie mixes and coupons. 
We were so excited to have them be a part of the event. 

We had 150 babies latch at 10am. It was such a great event for the whole family. We had a breakfast potluck, a bouncy house for the kids and lots of vendors. 

Looking forward to next year. Not sure if my daughter will be breastfeeding but will definitely be there for support. 

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