September 23, 2015

Cinderella Playdate

To celebrate the new release of the live action Cinderella, I hosted a mini play date at home for our friends.  

   I decorated the bar with blue tulle, white picture frames, white platters and fresh flowers in mason jars. I used items found around my house to keep the decor simple and affordable. 

              Yup, that's an old VHS tape 
  My mom gave me this jewelry holder for Mother's Day, it added just the right touch to the decor. 

  Little Cinderella dolls made their          appearance here and there 
When I worked at the Disney Store, every Christmas they gave us Lithographs as a gift of whatever movie was being released from the vault that year. I started a month before Cinderella was released  and I used these pictures as decor around the house. 

      On the mantle 

Fresh flowers for decor to represent Ella's magical childhood in her garden and as a thank you, my guests took a jar of flowers home as a party favor. 

For activities, I set up a coloring station with printables from the movie, I found on Pinterest. I filled the basket with crayons, markers, Cinderella stickers  and princess stamps.

 I also set up a "Have Courage and Be Kind" watercolor art station for the older girls to paint at. 

      Painting the afternoon away :) 

I set up Vida's Cinderella Castle with little Disney figurines and a cute little Pumpkin garden where the kids could take apart the pumpkins and put them back together. I got this toy at Toys R Us last year. 

I also set up a fine motor skills activity center with tiny felt clothes that they had to attach to a string with clothespins.
 We asked the kids to "help Ella hang the laundry" my daughter still loves playing this. 

I pulled out my Vintage Cinderella books, and some of Vida's new Cinderella books for a little reading corner. 

      I had a tub full of dress up items. The               girls went crazy for this, I even added my wedding veil, Vida loves wearing it around the house. 

Dressing up is Vida'a favorite thing to do. 
We also watched the New Cinderella movie after lunch. Vida kept saying "that's me" when she saw Ella in her blue dress. 

I served Chicken salad sandwiches, veggies and fruit for lunch and for dessert we had some fresh pastries from the local German bakery and the moms had chocolate espresso to end our fun filled day. 

We had such a fun day with our friends celebrating the new Cinderella movie. Thanks for stopping by and remember to...

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