September 26, 2015

Fall in Germany Check List

I'm so excited to experience Fall in Germany with my little family. 
I have made up a little checklist of all the things we must do this Fall!! 

Our Fall Checklist
-Go apple picking 
-spend the day at the Apple Festival in Mainz
-Bake an apple pie 
-Visit the pumpkin patch 
-Go Trick or Treating with friends 
-Host a Halloween themed play date 
-Paint Pumpkins
-Hope to take Vida to Disneyland Paris for Halloween 

Here are a few shots from our trip to Canada last Fall. 

                At the apple orchard 

     I have this framed on our mantle. That leaf fell on her head,she went to pull it off and I captured the best photo ever! 

What are your Fall plans this year? 

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